Online Learning

Inspiration at your fingertips!

REUNITE is an inspiring month of creative wellness culminating in a four-day virtual painting retreat with a vibrant global community. Beginning on January 18th, 2021, you’ll have access to your first week of prompts, guidance, and invitations. The following weeks will be unveiled as we go, with a fresh week of goodies presented every Monday through February 14th. Our virtual retreat will be held February 18th – 21st, 2021.

Fresh Paint invites you to create 100 small paintings on watercolor paper to discover and develop a unique painting style this is unmistakably your own. We use mixed-media art, movement, meditation, and writing to explore personal experience, individual preference, ancestry, intuition, and body wisdom. Includes lifetime access.

Bloom True is my original five-week foundational course which breaks down my entire Brave Intuitive Painting process, from blank canvas to finished painting. Featuring abundant painting videos, creative exercises, interviews with other artists, written content, resource links, Q + A audio tracks, this course is a wonderful place to begin your large-scale acrlyic painting adventure. Includes lifetime access.

Creative Revolution Magazine Cover

Creative Revolution is a seven-week journey all about weaving more creativity into every aspect of your life through table top, mixed-media creative exercises, movement sequences, morning and evening practices, and The Art of Aliveness series. This course is less about finishing paintings and more about finding freedom, courage, and mindfullness in your creative process and in your life! Includes lifetime access.

Studio Diaries explores twelve specific themes found in my painting process such as Letting Go, Finding Your Style, How to Finish a Painting, Exploring Dynamic Contrastand more. Each theme is explored through a series of videos featuring creative exercises and interviews with other artists, in addition to written content, resource links, Q + A audio tracks, musical playlists, and more. A Year of Studio Diaries and Individual Sessions are available, all with lifetime access.

The Painting Sessions features a series of videos that capture the creation of a new, large-scale intuitive painting from start-to-finish, including a voice-over full of tips and insights about the process as it’s unfolding. This offering came from a resounding call for, “more painting videos, please!” For anyone who loves to learn by watching, these are for you. A Year of Painting Sessions and Individual Sessions are available, all with lifetime access.

Real Time Live offers a series of twelve, two-hour, candid, action-packed, live-streamed studio sessions, along with a Treasure Box of supportive creative content to accompany each session. These gatherings were filmed live throughout 2019, and all the recordings are now available to watch anytime. A Year of Real Time Live and Individual Sessions are available, all with lifetime access.

Together Apart was created in March of 2020 in response to the global pandemic and the need to stay socially distanced while also staying connected and creative. In each two-hour virtual gathering, you’ll find a spontaneous mix of painting, movement, readings, Q + A, and meditation. I offer a bit of creative guidance along the way, but primarily these sessions are designed to simply create a space for creative togetherness.

Mini Courses

This collection of Mini Courses features my a la carte offerings at an affordable price point, and include episodes of Studio Diaries, The Painting Sessions, Real Time Live, and Together ApartThese small, stand-alone classes contain a wealth of inspiration and come with lifetime access

Brave Intuitive Botanicals is a three-hour, live-streamed replay of a class that happened on Earth Day (April 22nd, 2020). Focusing on presence, intuitive observation, and creative freedom, this class will begin with a grounding meditation followed an array of drawing exercises, painting techniques and unique ways to witness, honor, and incorporate the natural world into your artwork. It comes with lifetime access.

If you’re primarily interested in the art-making exercises featured in the Creative Revolution E-Courseyou can now purchase them separately for half the cost! Join me and a fantastic group of seven students in Creative Revolution: Hands On as we explore twenty-one unique, table-top, mixed-media Creative Exercises designed to get your creative wheels turning in fresh new ways, while encouraging play, exploration, and freeing up. This course is a great one to do with kids!

If you’re primarily interested in the soulful practices woven throughout The Creative Revolution E-Courseyou can now purchase them separately for half the cost! Join me in Creative Revolution: Hearts On as we explore Morning and Evening Sanctuary Practices, the original Art of Aliveness Series, invigorating Movement Sequences and so much more. Each invitation offers an empowering new way to access more creativity, presence, and connection in your everyday life and that these practices continue to support your body, mind, and spirit.

The Collective Magazine Cover

The Collective features a group of brave intuitive women who have something truly unique and inspiring to share. This project was born from me desire to lift up the voices of my fellow inspirationalists and to give you the opportunity to learn from some remarkable teachers. Current courses available are Medicinal Poetry with Niema Lightseed and The Embodied Voice with Leslie Helpert. Lifetime access available.