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  • A Year of The Painting Sessions will give you lifetime access to each of the 12 episodes of The Painting Sessions — saving you 20% off the individual price.
  • In each session, I’ll share a series of fresh videos to demonstrate the creation of a new painting from start to finish. The videos will include insightful guidance and reflections via a voice-over to emulate the experience of being in an in-person workshop.
  • To access all of The Painting Sessions, simply enter your username and unique password into the and select 'Online Courses'. Your Sessions will be located under the 'Online Content' section.


  • Real-time painting sessions from start-to-finish with a voice-over.
  • A painting playlist to inspire your own painting sessions at home.
  • Access to a private Facebook community of creatives from around the world.
  • Bonus goodies (I am constantly dreaming up new things to share with you)

I believe we were all born with infinite wells of creative potential just waiting to be tapped and remembered. It is my pleasure and honor to guide you back home to this place of mystery, magic and possibility.

Watch a painting come to life!