I am a painter, permission-giver, gentle guide and creative ally.

I’m also bit of a rule breaker.

I believe passionately in every human’s ability to create, and I know deep down in my bones that creative expression is a crucial part of holistic well-being. 

I’m also pretty sure that finding paint under your fingernails is a sign of a well-lived day.

For the past two decades, I’ve been weaving my love of art, healing and community with a lifelong obsession to create with soulful, wild abandon.

I recognize this desire to create freely as a basic, human need, and I’m honored to serve as a guide for others back to this place of mystery, magic and possibility.

We are all born with infinite wells of creative potential just waiting to be tapped and remembered.

I believe it’s time to remember. 

Thank you so much for exploring with me.

xo flora

May the light of your soul guide you. – John ODonohue
Flora and Pearl

Brave Intuitive Painting: Let Go. Be Bold. Unfold.

My first book, published in 2012, offers a heartfelt and unique perspective on the creative process by encouraging both novice and professional painters to trust their intuition, embrace spontaneity, and allow dynamic paintings to be born through a unique layering process. Need to kick start your painting habit? This is the book for you! Signed copies available now.


Creative Revolution: Personal Transformation through Brave Intuitive Painting

A true culmination of my life’s work as an artist, teacher and soulful adventurer, Creative Revolution explores how brave, intuitive painting serves as a powerful vehicle for growth, healing, and personal transformation. Available for pre-order now!

Watch the creation of a painting from start to finish, featuring the music of Rising Appalachia, with special, cameo appearance by Pearl Dog.

Watch the creation of a painting from start to finish, featuring the music of Kyrstyn Pixton.

Learn more about the Bloom True E-course – a transformational, five-week, online painting adventure.

Learn more about my new, subscription program, Studio Diaries – monthly inspiration to nourish your creative soul.

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