Introducing Hey Flora: Weekly Tidbits for Your Creative Adventure!

I’m embarking on a fun new offering called, Hey Flora: Weekly Tidbits for Your Creative Adventure, and I’m happy to share the very first episode with you today!

In each Hey Flora episode, I’ll answer one burning (or not so burning) question about my Brave Intuitive Painting process or creative entrepreneurship. I’ll share these short videos each Monday’s through my News, Art, Love newsletter.


Adding POP to Your Paintings!

Ever wonder how to get more dynamic POP in your paintings?

Well, you’re in luck!

In this month’s Studio Diary, I get all kinds of geeky over the many ways dynamic contrast can breathe life into a painting.

For example, playing with dynamic color, value, mark, texture, size, shape, mood, speed, materials, and scale (whew!) can all add a potent visual spark to make your paintings SING.

This month’s Diary is packed with fresh creative exercises, painting videos, an awesome interview with painter, Jeremy Szopinski, ideas for exploring contrast in everyday life, and so much more.

With an abundance of creative exercises, I’m happy to pass along one of the full-length videos for you to enjoy right now. This exercise offers some super easy and fun ways to explore Color Contrast.

I hope you enjoy it!


New Collaborative Painting Video

We’re exploring Collaboration over in Studio Diaries this month, and there are some seriously cool creations happening between parents, kids, partners, friends and pretty much anybody who is willing to play with paint.

It totally warms my heart to know so many people are connecting to their families and communities through the creative process — the world certainly needs more of this right now.

To give you a glimpse into this month’s Studio Diary, I’ve put together a really fun little video clip of one of the collaborations I did with fellow painter, Jennifer Mercede.

I hope it inspires some collaborative paint flinging of your own!



This month’s Studio Diary is all about finding your own style (aka a super hot topic), and so many unique paintings are being born as a result!

Seriously ya’ll, good stuff is happening, and I couldn’t be more proud of all the folks who are really embracing this theme and discovering their own style along the way.

To get more of a feel for the videos, I’m happy to offer you a four clips from this month’s Creative Exercises. To watch the sample videos, simply click the images below and enjoy!



GREETINGS! It was great to see how many of you enjoyed the Free Color Mixing video I posted a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d share a couple more videos with you today. These are two mini clips from the January edition of Studio Diaries. The first is from a Creative Exercise all about finding new tools and…


January Studio Diary + Free Color Mixing Video

One of my favorite ways to explore new territory and keep things interesting is to mix up my own new colors.

In one of this month’s videos, I share a few super easy tips on how to mix your own colors. Mixing colors is such an awesome way to keep the spark of inspiration alive in your work. It’s also a powerful way to set your paintings apart with colors that are all your own.

I’m happy to give you an idea of what you will find in each Studio Diary by offering you a free peek at this month’s Color Mixing video.


Lessons in Love + A Caregivers Giveaway (Winners Announced!)


I thought, “This is it. This is what it means to really love. It is art of the highest order.”

If you have been following along with me on Facebook and Instagram recently, you know I have been sharing a deeply personal story — a story of love. My dear friend and professional photographer, Tara Morris, also documented my journey in this beautiful and intimate blog post.


TRIBE Tuesday: Jane Mant

Today’s TRIBE Tuesday features an inspiring story by Jane Mant.

I had the pleasure of spending a beautiful week painting with Jane last year in Bali, and I’m thrilled to share her work and her awesome story of “finding tribe” with you here today!


TRIBE Tuesday: Romina Montoto

For today’s TRIBE Tuesday feature we are sharing a super sweet story.

I’m sure many folks out there have similar tales of being told they were not artists as children (gah…just breaks my heart!), but Romina Montoto had the courage to follow her desire to create and reclaim her artist self as an adult.

I believe wholeheartedly that we all have infinite wells of creativity just waiting to be tapped and remembered.

Here’s one story to prove just that…


TRIBE Tuesday: Kristen Heinlein

I had the pleasure of meeting and painting with Kristen Heinlein in my Portland studio late last year during a Bloom True Level Two Workshop. I’m happy to share her honest story about following her heart, taking her own advice and embracing her own unique style of creating…


TRIBE Tuesday: Yvette Lyons

This week’s TRIBE Tuesday features the wonderful work and story of Yvette Lyons.

I had the pleasure of meeting Yvette in my most recent Portland workshop. Yvette has also taken my Bloom True E-course two times. Her positive energy and openness to being brave and trying new things is contagious. I hope you enjoy her story!


Video Winners!

I was so touched to see such bravery and vulnerability — and hilarity — in the videos created for my Bloom Trueapalooza giveaways that I wanted to honor the ones that enabled public sharing by sharing them here.

I also had an impossible time choosing just five winners (you all make it so hard!), so I’ve decided to applaud and reward everyone who was brave enough to make a video by gifting all eighteen people a spot in the Bloom True E-course. Bravery is kind of my jam after all :)


TRIBE Tuesday: Mary Suzanne Garvey

This week’s TRIBE Tuesday features the gorgeous work and inspiring story of one of my amazing workshop students, Mary Suzanne Garvey. Mary took my very first workshop in Portland over four years ago, and is a wonderful example of a student who has truly found her own unique, authentic voice.


TRIBE Tuesday: Trudy Rice

Trudy Rice was a participant in my October e-course, and along with many of the other Bloomers in that particular course, she is taking advantage of the 6 months of class access by going through the entire course again…so cool…and smart… if I do say so myself 😉

Here is Trudy’s story…


TRIBE Tuesday: Ashley Joon

Happy almost new year everyone!

I hope your holidays have been peaceful and rejuvenating. As we gear up for another year of creative unfolding, I’m happy to share one final TRIBE Tuesday story for 2014 (there will be more to come in 2015!).

This inspiring success story comes from Ashley Joon…


TRIBE Tuesdays: Sharon Lamonica

This week’s TRIBE Tuesday is brought to you by Sharon Lamonica, an awesome bloomer who took my e-course and then bravely decided to join me at my Bali retreat last Spring.  We hope you enjoy her story below! Let it Go to Let it Flow… It is said that there are no accidents. Art was…


TRIBE Tuesday: Kerry C. Mitchell

And now for something completely different on this TRIBE Tuesday. We are excited to share the story and digital work of Kerry C. Mitchell who participated in my e-course in a truly unique way.  Talk about making the process your own, and finding ways to paint no matter what! Her inspiring story follows. My Painting…


TRIBE Tuesday: Shannon Crandall

TRIBE Tuesdays continues today with the lovely work and inspiring story of Shannon Crandall.  Enjoy! Shannon’s story… I took Flora’s Bloom True E-course in the fall of 2012. I have to say that I have always been creative, but this course enabled me to push forward and share my work with the world. Since taking…


Centered Expansion + Portland Studio tour!


After four years of fairly intense globe-trotting to spread the Bloom True love, I’m shifting gears and rooting down in my hometown of Portland, OR.

In support of this grand shift, I moved out of my little backyard studio into a large and lovely (like woah) studio nestled in a groovy creative industrial area about ten minutes from my house. I feel beyond blessed to have found such a magical space that is EXACTLY what I envisioned, hoped and prayed to find.


TRIBE Tuesday: Emily Mitchell

For this week’s TRIBE Tuesday we hear from Emily Mitchell, an art educator in Vermont, who stumbled upon my book, then took the e-course, and ended up in my Boston retreat. She shares her journey below…enjoy! I was introduced to Flora Bowley’s book at a 4 year old’s birthday party in December of 2012. My…


TRIBE Tuesday: Dominique Hurley

TRIBE Tuesday continues with another amazing story from a student who attended my Bali retreat in Ubud earlier this year. So happy to present this week’s TRIBE feature: Dominque Hurley. Dominque shares her story… I was in my local art store picking up a huge Golden order when my eyes were drawn to Flora’s book.…


TRIBE Tuesday: Janine Adamo Lancour

Welcome back to TRIBE Tuesdays I love sharing the inspiring stories of the ever-widening Bloom True Tribe, and I hope you are enjoying them too! This week’s TRIBE Tuesday continues with Janine Adamo Lancour, who took my September 2013 E-course. She remains an active member of the Bloom True Tribe and has graciously shared her…


TRIBE Tuesday: Jennifer Currie

For today’s Tribe Tuesday post, I’m happy to share a story from Jennifer Currie, who took my e-course in May. If you are inspired to join in the five-week painting adventure, registration will remain open through this Friday! Jennifer’s Story… The first time I heard of Flora Bowley was when a friend sent me the…


Stepping Out Brave


The woodsy scene there is all kinds of gorgeous — quaint cabins, an unbelievable lake, awesome women everywhere — but there I was with knots in my stomach.

I was there to teach a totally new class — one that involved more movement than painting and more watercolor, ink and pastels than acrylic. Most of my security blankets, comfort zones and feelings of “I got this,” had left the room.


TRIBE Tuesday: Rhonda Groves

Our TRIBE Tuesday Series Continues! For this week’s TRIBE Tuesday, we are happy to feature Rhonda Groves.  We hope you enjoy her story… Hello, my name is Rhonda. I took Flora’s Bloom True E-Course in September 2013.  The magnitude this e-course has had on me is phenomenal.  I have created paintings I never dreamed of.…


TRIBE Tuesday: Fay and Tam

For this week’s TRIBE feature, I am very pleased to present two incredible women I had the pleasure of meeting in Bali last May. Dr. Fauziah Mohamed Yunus or “Fay” (or “Mom:)) as we came to know her, took my e-course, followed by my in-person retreat in Bali. Tamara Laporte, or “Willowing,” as she is lovingly…


Introducing…TRIBE Tuesdays!

I am continually in awe of the amazing tribe of students I have all over the world, and the truly transformational stories they share with me about their Bloom True experience. In an effort to spread their inspiration and good juju beyond my own head space and email box (and to connect you all to…


From Stuck —> To Feelin’ It :: A Roadmap through Painter’s Block


My schedule was clear, the air felt delicious and it was still light out at 9pm. I turned up the music, cleaned off my palette, lit a candle, burned some sage and hung a halfway finished painting on the wall. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling incredibly inspired, but typically I just need to START in order to find my rhythm.

So, I started…

I choose a few of my fave colors of the moment (grey, yellow, violet, magenta and white), and began to move the paint around. I tried out some of my signature moves, turned the canvas upside down and waited for the magic to take hold. Any minute now…


Project Ground Out + the Enjoyment Factor


This sweet reminder was offered up by my yoga teacher yesterday. In fact, remembering to enjoy the experience was the focus of the entire class. We were given permission to throw away strict yoga “rules” and ideas about what the practice was supposed to look like. Instead, we were encouraged to move and breathe in a way that simply….FELT GOOD.

Ah yes. That.


Bloom True TRIBE :: Student Gallery!

Today is a big day around here. It’s the very first day of “school” for my latest group of Bloom True E-Course students and excitement is in the air! In honor of this new brave beginning, I’m sharing some of the awesome work and reflections from past bloomers. Gotta admit, I’m pretty proud of them…


Bloom True Giveaway Winners Announced!

  It’s time to celebrate!! Whohoo!  I’m super excited to announce the winners for the Bloom True E-Course Giveaway, but first let me just say WOW…wow wow wow. We had over 430 incredible nominations for ten tiny gifted spots, and the nominations were all so heartfelt, so sincere, soooo hard to choose!  (need a little…


Bloom True Giveaway Time!

  Hi friends.  It’s GIVEAWAY time around here, and I want to make sure you are all in the know! We are excited to be giving away TEN FREE PLACES for the upcoming Bloom True E-course beginning on May 12th, but here’s the deal…we want you to nominate someone else to win the prize!  Why? …


Introducing…Bloom True TRIBE!

I’m so excited to share a new idea with you! (I think you’re gonna like it). The inspiration for ‘Bloom True TRIBE’ comes directly from my students who often share the most beautiful tales of transformation with me. On a daily basis, I hear stories about newly discovered creative freedom, as well as massive (or…