The Embodied Voice with Leslie Helpert

Practices and Tools for Finding Pleasure, Power and Presence in Your Voice


Taught by international vocal coach and composer/performer Leslie Helpert, this class is an introduction to Leslie’s lifelong work with the voice as a vital healing tool.

In the course, you’ll discover sound warm-ups, singing play, movement practices, awareness techniques, and Leslie’s unique philosophy and artwork. Each element of the course is designed to bring more feeling, awareness, and presence into your vocal experience, either singing or speaking.

If you’ve ever wanted to grow and expand the power of your voice, this course is for you.

Course Includes:

  • Seven professional videos between 10 – 20 minutes each
  • Downloadable audio tracks
  • Written content
  • Custom music playlists
  • Inspiring links and resources
  • Lots of encouragement!

No course materials are needed. Just you and your voice!


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Flora and Lelie created this course collaboratively with the help of Teamlove. Our intention is to inspire and uplift your creative journey.

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