Teamwork makes the dream work.


I wrote the newsletters, organized and taught the workshops, swept the floor, bought the paint, made the posts, wrote the book, did the bookkeeping, responded to the emails, watered the plants, documented the work, did the advertising, built the website … I think you get the idea.

Oh, and I painted the paintings.

Needless to say, it was a lot to handle on my own, but this is what “soloprenuers” have to do when they are building their business. I did it all happily until I couldn’t do it any longer.

As my business grew, so did my need to grow my team. Slow and steady, we have grown into a wonderful, four-person, one-dog family. Plus, there is a whole community of folks who lend their support when needed.

I feel incredibly grateful to work alongside such wonderful women (all rock stars in their own right), and I would love you to meet them. If you take an online course or come to a workshop, you’ll have the pleasure of getting to know them.




LYNZEE LYNX: Yoga Instructor + Creative Collaborator

Lynzee Lynx is a mama of two and enjoys creating in many mediums, including paint, beads, metal, and fabric. She’s passionate about ecological preservation, personal style, embodiment, cultural art practices, and mindful consumption. You can find her co-teaching in the Fresh Paint course and leading yoga at Bloom True retreats. Find her here:


JONATHAN WOOD: Videographer Extraordinaire

Jonathan is the calm presence behind the camera for all of our favorite Studio Diaries videos, YouTube gems, and inspiring interviews. Jonathan is taking a hiatus from teaching middle school math to lend his filmmaking expertise to TeamLove. Jonathan went to art school for photography before moving into education and welcomes the return to a visual creativity.


PEARL DOG: Spirit Animal + Therapy Dog

Pearl Dog is a magical maremma sheepdog who became part of the Bloom True family when Flora swooped her up from a local animal rescue center. Pearl is present for all Bloom True gatherings, and is always available for pets, hugs and selfies.  We’re pretty sure you will fall in love with her.