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Enrollment for FREE FLO is now open.

FREE FLO is a spirited global community where creative expression is a vehicle for self-discovery and collective healing. 

Currently the only online space where Flora teaches live, FREE FLO offers a heart-centered creative space with live weekly gatherings and a judgment-free community to cheer you on.

With soulful practices like intuitive painting, gentle movement, freedom-focused drawing, flow writing, breathwork, meditation, and daily creative prompts designed to infuse more vitality into all areas of life, FREE FLO will keep you showing up to what maters most!

As one member recently said, “FREE FLO is both a safe haven and a stirring, awakening call to the creator in me who longs to thrive.” 

FREE FLO is designed for all levels.

Find out more here. We’d love to welcome you there.


Embark on a well-lit, self-paced journey back to your creative spirit through one of my popular online courses. With expert guidance, inspiring content, and loving encouragement, you have everything you need to begin right now, all from the comfort of your home.

Step into a gorgeous virtual, intuitive painting retreat featuring my entire Brave Intuitive Painting process akin to an in-person Bloom True retreat.

Painting Sessions Magazine Cover

Learn to paint intuitively through comprehensive start-to-finish demonstrations accompanied by instructive voiceover guidance.

Develop a signature art style that is all your own through the creation of 100 small paintings using mixed-media art exercises. Co-created with Lynzee Lynx.

Paint colorful, large-scale, acrylic paintings fueled by intuition, spontaneity, and the understanding that you can’t make a mistake.

Creative Revolution Magazine Cover

Infuse creativity into every facet of your life through mixed-media creative exercises, movement sequences, and morning and evening practices.

Explore twelve unique aspects of my Brave Intuitive Painting process with a collection of instructional videos, specific art resources, interviews, and more.

Enjoy unscripted, action-packed, painting time in my Portland studio, along with a treasure trove of curated goodies.

Stay connected with guidance, music, and connection. Created during the pandemic.

Immerse yourself in a playful half-day workshop that includes intuitive painting techniques, mindful movement, meditations, and more.


Are you seeking a unique and inspiring painting experience that can be done in just a few hours? These playful half-day workshops feature a unique array of mindful movement, meditation, writing exercises, drawing prompts, and, of course, lots of intuitive painting techniques. Root and Branch and Brave Intuitive Botanicals offer a deep-dive into painting inspired by nature. The classes were originally live-streamed from my studio and the replays are now available with lifetime access.


This collection of A La Carte Classes features individual offerings at an affordable price point, and include single episodes of The Painting Sessions, Studio DiariesReal Time Live, and Together ApartThese stand-alone classes contain a wealth of inspiration, are available immediately, and come with lifetime access. They’re a great way to try out the courses before committing to a complete set (if you love them and want to upgrade to a complete set, we are happy to refund you for any individual courses purchased!) Each series has it’s own style and feel, so I suggest trying them out and finding what’s right for you.


Studio Diaries explores twelve specific themes found in my painting process: Making It Personal, Creative Business With Heart, The Power of Play!, How to Finish a Painting, Making Peace With Your Inner Critic, The Art of Simplicity, Exploring Dynamic Contrast, Collaboration, Finding Your Style, Staying Inspired, Nourishing, and Letting Go. Each theme is explored through a series of videos featuring creative exercises and interviews with other artists, in addition to written content, resource links, Q + A audio tracks, musical playlists, and more. A Year of Studio Diaries and Individual Sessions are available, all with lifetime access.


Real Time Live offers a series of twelve, two-hour, candid, action-packed, live-streamed studio sessions, along with a Treasure Box of supportive creative content to accompany each session. These gatherings were filmed live throughout 2019, and all the recordings are now available to watch anytime. A Year of Real Time Live and Individual Sessions are available, all with lifetime access.


Together Apart was created in March of 2020 in response to the global pandemic and the need to stay socially distanced while also staying connected and creative. In each two-hour virtual gathering, you’ll find a spontaneous mix of painting, movement, readings, Q + A, and meditation. I offer a bit of creative guidance along the way, but primarily these sessions are designed to simply create a space for creative togetherness.


The Collective features a group of brave intuitive women who have something truly unique and inspiring to share. This project was born from me desire to lift up the voices of my fellow inspirationalists and to give you the opportunity to learn from some remarkable teachers. Current courses available are Medicinal Poetry with Niema Lightseed and The Embodied Voice with Leslie Helpert. Lifetime access available.