In this Session, I begin by using the traditional layering process I present in my Bloom True E-Course. This approach involves separating the warm and cool colors in order to keep colors bright and fresh. Throughout the Session, I also offer tips about working through the “awkward teenager” phase and allowing your color palette to emerge naturally. This painting is a true mix of my older style with my newer work, which was a really interesting dynamic to explore. If you’re curious about the foundational elements of the Brave Intuitive Painting process with an emphasis on staying loose and letting go, I made this for you.


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  • Real-time painting sessions from start-to-finish with a voice-over.
  • A painting playlist to inspire your own painting sessions at home.
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  • Bonus goodies (I am constantly dreaming up new things to share with you)

I believe we were all born with infinite wells of creative potential just waiting to be tapped and remembered. It is my pleasure and honor to guide you back home to this place of mystery, magic, and possibility.

Watch a painting come to life!

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