A Supportive Place to Practice

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Real Time Live: Volume Three focuses on abstract painting. I work on a 48″ x 48″ canvas without using “recognizable imagery” such as flowers, figures, trees, etc., which is always a powerful way to way for me to move into new territory! Throughout the session, I played with color, line, texture, mark-making, and value, while offering tips and answering your questions.

Volume Three includes:

▪ Access to a 2-hour live-streamed studio date (replay) with me
▪ An abundance of inspiration, tips, tricks, and encouragement
▪ Guided live movement and meditations
▪ A private, global, creative Facebook community
▪ An awesome reason to show up and paint!

Your Treasure Box includes:

▪ “Musical Lines” (video)
▪ “How Filling The Well Leads To Inspired Action” (video)
▪ “Simple Self Love Meditation” (audio track)
▪ “Reflection On The Inner Critic With Melody Ross, Orly Avineri” (audio track)
▪ Links to my favorite podcasts and books
▪ Downloadable art just for you
▪ A brand new music playlist and some of my favorite new quotes


Together is better.