I thought, “This is it. This is what it means to really love. It is art of the highest order.”

If you have been following along with me on Facebook and Instagram recently, you know I have been sharing a deeply personal story — a story of love. My dear friend and professional photographer, Tara Morris, also documented my journey in this beautiful and intimate blog post.

Video Winners!

I was so touched to see such bravery and vulnerability — and hilarity — in the videos created for my Bloom Trueapalooza giveaways that I wanted to honor the ones that enabled public sharing by sharing them here.

I also had an impossible time choosing just five winners (you all make it so hard!), so I’ve decided to applaud and reward everyone who was brave enough to make a video by gifting all eighteen people a spot in the Bloom True E-Course. Bravery is kind of my jam after all πŸ™‚

TRIBE Tuesday: Lori Tapani + New E-Course Content!

Hello friends! We’re happy to share another Bloom True story with you today for our TRIBE Tuesday feature.

Introducing E-Course student, Lori Tapani…enjoy.

Lori’s Story…

I am so very thankful for the Bloom True class! It was by chance that I noticed Flora’s book and decided to buy it. Once I read the book, I knew that I needed to take the class. This has been my first experience using acrylic paints and I have loved it so much. The act of picking a color or colors that I love and just “going with it” has been so rewarding.

Bloom True Boot Camp: Final Prompts + E-Course Winners!

Welcome to our final two days of Bloom True Boot Camp…woohoo, YAY, we did it!

I want to thank you so much for joining me on this month-long creative journey. What started out as tiny flash of inspiration during a swim in a lake turned into such a beautiful and inspiring creative global adventure.

Your posts, pictures and reflections have brought me so much joy and reminded me (once again) how powerful it is to join together with like-hearted people dedicated to their creative paths and waking spirits. {{THANK YOU}}.

Say hello to your true self – Bloom True class gallery (3)

β€œThis class was just what I needed to get painting again and try acrylics. Flora taught me to see all that is perfect instead of the faults. It’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed painting this much!” Cinda Bauman

Do you want to access your inner creativity, feel more connected to your life and feel confident to express your true self on canvas? Bloom True might just be for you. Take a look at these paintings created by participants of the class