September 29 – October 2, 2016

The Bloom True Workshop is a nurturing, liberating experience perfect for all levels. Catering to first-time painters looking for an empowering jump start on their creative path, professional painters seeking a new perspective, and all levels in-between, this heart-centered and educational workshop offers a vast toolbox of new techniques, along with a fresh creative perspective guaranteed to energize your life on and off the canvas.

In addition to all the regular Bloom True Workshop offerings, we are so lucky to have guest artist, Leslie Helpert, share her gifts of vocal magic and empowerment with us in this special workshop! Based in New York City and Barcelona, Leslie is an international composer/performer, multi-media artist and voice teacher who coaches singers, public speakers, writers, dancers and visual artists (including myself!) around the world in private and group settings. Leslie’s orientation within the world of “coming to voice” reveals how, whether through paintbrush or microphone, we can each experience radical creative wellness by learning to liberate and enjoy our unique voice.

Participants in this workshop will have the pleasure of working directly with Leslie as she guides you through her unique vocal exercises, yoga class, optional one-on-one voice sessions, mini vocal “Free It Up” workshop, live music and optional pre-workshop campfire concert!

On a personal note, if you have any fear around using your voice, I totally get it! Singing and other voice related work has always been terrifying to me, which is exactly why I work with Leslie on a regular basis. Working with her has allowed me to re-claim my voice in the most empowering, unexpected, and FUN ways. I can’t wait to share Leslie with you in this workshop!

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