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Studio Diaries is my way of inviting you inside my studio to give you an intimate look at my creative process, introduce you to some of my creative friends, and share my favorite resources.

In other words, loads of inspiration at your fingertips.

There are twelve Studio Diaries which each explore a different aspect of my creative process. Each Diary includes a series of videos, creative exercises, written content, interviews, exclusive podcasts, music playlists, and supportive links and resources. Check out the entire Library of Themes to see what topics we explore!

Each Diary is available for just $36, and The Complete Set of Studio Diaries are available for twenty percent off. Once you purchase a Studio Diary, it’s yours to enjoy for life.


“I love everything about Studio Diaries! There is so much that enriches my life every month. I feel like I am receiving a special gift that was meant just for me, just when I needed it!”

–  Teressa Sliger

More Studio Diary Details

Each Diary was lovingly created with the intention of supporting and inspiring you to stay active on your own creative path — while honoring body, mind and spirit.

I believe we were all born with infinite wells of creative potential just waiting to be tapped and remembered. It is my pleasure and honor to guide you back home to this place of mystery, magic and possibility.


“The content in Studio Diaries is so rich that I feel guided as if Flora were in my studio with me, leading me through private lessons. How cool is that?! That kind of connectivity can only come to students through a teacher who truly lives and practices what she instructs. The world, and especially women, need this connectivity so very, very much.”

– Tracy D. James

We asked a few of our Studio Diaries participants how they would describe Studio Diaries to a friend, and this is what they said…

“I absolutely love the Studio Diaries. Sometimes on-line classes can feel stressful “trying to keep up.” This offering is absolutely perfect for me and my life right now. There are instructional videos, interviews, reading or just beautiful photos to look at if that’s all you can take in that day. I find myself visiting Studio Dairies at least daily and have watched the painting videos many times over. Simply perfect!”

– Roxy Forcier Johnson

Your Investment

I’m choosing to keep the cost of Studios Diaries low, because I want to make this valuable content available to as many people as possible. I do hope you’ll join me.

Studio Diaries a la carte $36 per Diary

The Complete Set of Studio Diaries $345 (twenty percent off)

Giveback Program

I believe giving back to my community is an essential part of living and breathing.

As a reflection of this core value, and to support much-needed arts funding, five percent of the revenue generated from every purchase of The Complete Set of Studio Diaries purchased is donated to p:ear, a Portland-based non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring homeless youth to affirm personal worth and create healthier lives and communities through diverse arts education.

I believe deeply in the work that this organization is doing to bring the healing power of art to youth in need. Thank you for helping me make these gifts possible! Find out more about p:ear on my Community Giveback Page.


“I love the very generous offerings Flora has provided each month. I am thrilled I gifted a year of diaries to myself – money well spent! The Diaries keep me inspired creatively, mentally, and physically and provide a sense of artistic community for me. Very, very happy!”

– Madelyn Strain Montjoy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Studio Diaries?

Studio Diaries is an incredibly inspiring, content-packed online program designed to nourish your creative soul and to keep you showing up for your own creative process.

Each Diary focuses on a distinct theme, and includes a series of 6-12  videos, real-time painting sessions, inspiring creative exercises, interviews with other artists, contributing lessons from fellow creatives and holistic health leaders, audio meditations, an exclusive podcast, inspiring conversations, valuable creative resources and links, written content and a custom music playlist.

How do I access Studio Diaries?

To access any purchased Studio Diary (or any other online purchase), use your email address and password to Login at the top of the website. Next, select ‘My Account’ from the drop-down menu underneath your name. In your account, you’ll see all your lovely Diaries waiting for you in the ‘My Online Content’ section. Click on the Diary you’d like to view, and you’ll go right there!

If you lost your password, simply click the “Forgot Password” option to reset.

How is Studio Diaries different from the Bloom True E-Course?

If you have already taken the Bloom True E-Course, Studio Diaries offers the perfect next step on your creative path. While the Bloom True E-Course offers students a strong, five-week foundation and an understanding of the Brave Intuitive Painting process, Studio Diaries is intended to offer ongoing support as you dive even deeper into different aspects of the process.

How much does Studio Diaries cost?

Each Diary is available to purchase a la carte from our library of themes for just $36. The Complete Set of Studio Diaries (all twelve episodes) is available for twenty percent off. 

I haven’t painted before, is Studio Diaries for me?

Yes! Studio Diaries is appropriate for all levels of creative experience. Each Studio Diary is designed to inspire and support you on your creative path while honoring body, mind and spirit.

If you would like to experience my entire Brave Intuitive Painting process in all its beautiful depth, I suggest diving into my Bloom True E-Course, and allow Studio Diaries to serve as a vehicle for ongoing support.

I am already a professional artist. Is Studio Diaries for me?

Yes! Even if you have been painting for years, this program will offer fresh perspectives, new inspiration and a connection to an online community of kindred creatives.

I’ve never participated in an online learning program before. How does it work? Do I need to be at my computer at a certain time? How long will I have access to the Diaries?

When you purchase a Studio Diary, it’s yours to keep! You are welcome to log in at anytime to view the material. You will have access to every Studio Diary you have ever purchased as long as you are logged into your account.

Studio Diaries are not downloadable, however – so you will need to have a good internet connection in order to view them.

How much time will I need?

You are welcome to work through each Diary at your own pace. Each Diary will contain a series of 6-12 videos which are approximately 10–20 minutes long, in addition to written and audio content.

What if I have issues playing back the videos?

If you’re having trouble viewing a video on Studio Diaries or anywhere else on the site:

  • Try turning off HD.
  • Confirm that your internet connection is strong and allow the videos to fully load before playing.
  • Check what version of browser and operating system you’re using: and try to update to the newest version that your hardware can support. Also, some browsers may not support the Vimeo Player (Older versions of Firefox and Internet-Explorer seem to be problematic). We’ve found Chrome and Safari to be the most stable.
  • Full-screen: Click on the four, tiny arrows next to the Vimeo logo to watch the video in full screen. You can use the escape button to return to the post.
  • iPads & tablets: You may need to install the free Vimeo App.
  • Lastly, sometimes a quick restart of your computer can solve many problems.

If problems persist, please send us an email at: [email protected], we’ll get back to you asap. Thanks!

What if I have issues with Studio Diaries not showing up properly on my phone, tablet or desktop?

The site was designed from the ground up to be viewable on a wide range of devices. This includes desktops, phones and tablets. However, there are some limitations.

If you are seeing an issue with the way anything is showing up on your mobile device, desktop or tablet, or if something just doesn’t seem quite right, then please send an email directly to the awesome team at 7/Apps ([email protected]). Emails to them should be specifically about the site not about working on your device. But before you reach out to them, please check what version of browser  (Click here to find out) and what operating system you’re using (you’ll need to tell them that in your email), and try to update to the newest version that your hardware can support. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, send them a note.

Still stuck? Please send us an email at: [email protected], we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks.

What is this “online community” you speak of?

As a participating member of Studio Diaries, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group to connect with other creative souls worldwide. This is a great place to share your work, ask questions of your community and generally connect with other artists.

What if I have questions for Flora?

Each Diary includes an exclusive Diving Deeper Podcast where Flora answers a vast array of questions from the Studio Diaries community. If you have further questions, please email: [email protected].

What do I need to participate in Studio Diaries?

You will need to purchase a Diary, have a high-speed Internet connection and a few basic art supplies to participate. Each Diary will be different and will require different materials, but a basic set of acrylic paint, foam brushes, bristle brushes, paper or canvas, a spray bottle, rags, markers, a journal and an open mind is all you will need. Please click for more detailed information on the Materials Page.

How do I update or change my payment information?

Use your email address and password to Login at the top of the website. Next, select ‘My Account’ from the drop-down menu underneath your name. In your account, you can edit your payment details.

How long do I have access to each Diary I purchase?

Once you purchase a Studio Diary, it’s yours to keep! You will just need to login to your account to access all of your purchased Diaries.