REUNITE Free Video Offering

REUNITE is a Virtual Painting Retreat and Creative Wellness Immersion which is offered with the support of a global community and live daily Zoom calls, February 15th – 19th, or done at your own perfect pace over the next ten months.

I only host this five-day retreat experience once a year, and this year I’m offering a sliding-scale price structure, an invitation to participate as a group for the price of one (Paint with your people…make it an event!), and access through the end of 2023.

REUNITE is absolutely ideal for beginners interested in learning all the aspects of my Brave Intuitive Painting process, or for anyone wanting to reunite with their love of painting.

If something in you in is calling you to paint in a way that is free, forgiving, empowering, and FUN, this is the course!

The videos below are from Day Three of the retreat and will offer you a glimpse of my teaching style as well as an opportunity to meet the amazing students you’ll be learning alongside.

I hope you enjoy this peek inside REUNITE.

I’d love to paint with you in 2023!

xo flora

Demo Painting: Integrating the Ingredients

Music: Rising Appalachia (Mississippi + Find Your Way) and Ayla Nereo (Stars + The Course)

Integration Pep Talk + Paint Along with the Group

Music: Rising Appalachia (Downtown + Harmonize)