Think of this as a bountiful buffet of creative care packages to unwrap and devour for a full month, or anytime you need a creative boost. There are so many ways we can support our creativity through wellness practices, and I hope that many of these prompts will become lifelong practices. 

Some examples of what you’ll find in the month of creative wellness:

  • Unique drawing exercises to invite more freedom, presence, and play into your art-making process.
  • Soulful writing invitations to connect more deeply to your truth and the present moment.
  • Gentle movement practices to help you feel more energized, centered and embodied.
  • Short meditations to calm your mind and help you connect to your breath and heart.
  • New music playlists to uplift and soothe your spirit.
  • My favorite morning and evening rituals to bookend your day with more creativity, mindfulness, and self-care.
  • Invitations to write, sing, dance, and create like nobody’s watching (because no one is – yay!)

The prompts are thoughtfully designed to add a layer of depth, creativity, intentionality, and sweetness to your daily life without requiring fancy tools or a lot of extra time. In other words, it’s doable. It’s also totally optional and available to do anytime – lifetime access is included!

Suggested Price: $89.00

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