I am so grateful that I found you at about the time your first book came out. I knew immediately that I needed to learn from you, and I did! I was recovering from my second experience with chemo treatments and no longer was interested in painting (I formerly did small, watercolor botanicals). I thought that the painting part of my life, sadly, was over. I signed up for your online class immediately and woke up. I had never painted on canvas or used acrylics, and surely never painted so LARGE. It has changed my life. I’m always open to trying new techniques and new ideas now – not afraid of anything. It truly has been a wonderful experience and I tell everyone about it. I feel like the artist I have always yearned to be. I am happy with the work I do and proud of it. You have been a fabulous teacher and inspiration! Thank you!!

Linda Russell Magnus

When I am feeling lost and empty like a blank canvas, I turn a Painting Session on. Flora helps me to tune into my intuition, move through fear, and gives me the tools to heal my soul and be brave. She encourages me to explore many paths (with colors, brushes, lines, values, contrast, marks, images,..), listening to my heart and trusting my intuition. Flora gives me the map to express myself and love myself as unique.


These Painting Session’s are fun and relaxed yet you’re being taught the fundamentals of a very personal art practice. In these Sessions, you will learn the elements and principles of design that make an art piece work.

Jhodi Bennett

I highly recommend Flora Bowley’s Painting Sessions, even if you are not a painter like myself, it is an incredible experience to watch and learn from such a dynamic teacher! It will inspire you to pick up a paint brush and have some fun.


Through Flora’s Painting Sessions, I have learned to let go of any attachment to outcome or what something looks like and have truly embraced the intuitive process. I’ve also learned new techniques and skills. I’m a newer painter and these Sessions have been extremely helpful and I highly recommend them!

Samantha Harrison

After years away from making art, Flora has helped me rediscover the young girl in myself who always found joy and pleasure in drawing, building, and creating. She is a gentle and generous guide on the path of connecting deeply with oneself and discovering the tools to express this connection visually. What a treasure it is to have Flora Bowley as your teacher.

Beth Gullickson

The Painting Sessions is an inspiring educational experience. It’s fascinating watching a painting develop and the way Flora explains her choices helps you to understand the painting itself, but is also incredibly useful when thinking about your own practice and experiences making art. I always leave off watching feeling refreshed and inspired, and looking forward to the next one!


Flora’s videos are so inspiring. I can’t wait for the Painting Sessions to come out each month and I literally watch the entire thing immediately. I’m always inspired to paint afterward and there is usually a technique or piece of her process that I try to incorporate into my own painting discovery. The raw honesty of her process is so insightful and hearing her speak about why she did what she did in the painting is invaluable.

Denise Riches

Really enjoying watching the videos. They are informative and give a large array of methods, marks, color combinations and inspiration. Always feel like getting to my studio to start painting after watching them.

Diana Storek

Flora is a wise and gifted teacher and mentor. Her generous offerings nourish the heart, mind, body and spirit with grace and genuineness. I feel so fortunate to be connected to her and the amazing community she invites us to participate in. Thank goodness for the creative, heartfelt beauty of Flora Bowley.

Bonnie Rose