Word on the street…

I’m 69 and had wanted to paint ever since I was a teenager… However, the blank canvas always screamed ‘Go away! You have no idea what you’re doing!’ That is until about 5 months ago when a friend lent me your book Brave Intuitive Painting.

It was a message from beyond that released my fear of that blank canvas. Now, whenever I feel stymied, I watch your YouTubes where you paint with so much freedom and I’m re-inspired.

Thank you for changing my passion in life (I’ve been a much-published children’s author for decades). I now try to paint every day.

Thank you, thank you.

Di Bates
Dianne (Di) Bates

I consider Flora a soul sister, a fellow truth teller, and ​deeply inspired seeker. She has a true gift for teaching, helping others to discover and unleash their unique creative voice. She also has ​an exceptional talent for gathering beautiful kindred spirits together, igniting connection and belonging.

Kelly Rae Roberts

What I appreciate about Flora, besides her amazingly lush and heart-filling art, is her willingness to show up fully as who she is, and to share that fullness as an artist and teacher. It’s that authentic modeling that I cherish and that inspires me to create.

Jennifer Louden

Not only has Flora taught me how to put color on a canvas, she’s also taught me so many lessons about life: how to let go of what I *think* I need, how to take big, scary risks, and how to stay present and be open to what life might bring me. Her enchanting process is a gift to any creative who yearns for more, and it will leave you feeling both grounded in your present and fired-up for what’s to come.

Tiffany Han

Flora is a kindred sister of paint and in life. I have felt honored to be a part of her world, and to witness her creative fire and gifts in action. She is a pure fountain of inspiration. Her instincts are paramount: a clear, strong, wild and incredibly talented artist.

Alena Hennessy

Flora is not only a talented painter, she is a generous teacher. She actively helps others find and activate creative expression. This is her most far-reaching gift.

Lisa Congdon

Flora is a prolific creator and is committed to opening inner portals through process painting. Her paintings bring to life what is most beautiful inside of her, and they’re also a reflection of how she experiences the world. Her work causes us to shift from external perceptions to the inward jungle of our own spirited natures; helping us to recognize that we, too, desire a wild life of color and movement.

Pixie Lighthorse

Flora brings her heart and soul into all she does. Her creative vision takes form in a thousand different ways. It’s why I love her work and why I love working with her. Integrity, commitment, inspiration, wisdom and love is what you get with her, time and time again.

Jen Gray Blackburn

Being in the presence of Flora, whether you are a friend, a student, or a peer, means that you always find yourself surrounded by acceptance, warmth and calm. Flora is a conversation, a wisdom that is both enchantingly ancient and fiercely contemporary. There is that graceful aura about her that makes you feel you belong, that you are a part of, that we are all here together for silently agreed-upon reasons.

Orly Avineri

The moment I walked into Flora’s studio, I knew there was something magical, something transformational at play. It wasn’t because it was a stunning creation dreamspace. It was because you could feel it infused with the energy of this wild woman who had flung away the shadows of any doubt and stepped into light of knowing her path … and was fiercely walking it.

Every time I have painted or sat in counsel with Flora, the days that followed unfolded mystically for me. She possesses a power: it’s all love, all surrender, all presence. Just being in the same space with her is permission giving for accepting the innate bravery of your own magnificent and creative being. She is a space holder for people who are transforming their lives.

Marybeth Bonfiglio

I had started my own pet portrait and intuitive abstract paintings before taking the Bloom True E-Course, but I’ve admired Flora’s work for ages. I just felt that when I saw the course offered this summer, I HAD to take it. I’m one of those people who believes in synchronicity, and I knew there was *something* waiting for me here.

Bloom True gave me more confidence in exploration, in getting even freer and messier with my play. I loved being given permission for things to look ugly and being reminded that if I did something I wasn’t happy with, I could always paint over it. And if I painted over something I loved, I could always recreate it. That kind of consistent, gentle encouragement and inspiration was just what I needed to take my work to an even deeper level. I played with big canvases and tiny ones. I splattered and smeared. And I felt free.

And less than a month after the course wrapped, I’ve been invited to show my work for the first time! Bloom True has created an opening for me in more ways than one.

Thank you so much for a beautiful course, for nurturing my intuition and trust. And for a beautiful community, of course!

Mellie Test

What was unique to studio time was the chance to step into a working artist’s space, to see Flora’s beautiful artwork up close, and watch her process in person. I *loved* having the day carved out just for painting. It was like a spa for my creative being. Being away from my regular responsibilities definitely had a positive effect on my painting experience. I felt both calmer and more energized knowing that my kids/husband/cat weren’t going to come in with some demand. We gathered at the end to discuss our experience and insights — very enlightening. And it was fascinating to watch everyone’s pieces unfold throughout the day — so many different approaches to intuitive painting!

Lee McCraw-Leavitt

I attended the retreat with my heart wide open, hoping to experience this exact thing. The studio is so beautiful and the aesthetic stirs creativity. The staff was sincere, supportive and helpful, with amazing, gorgeous food, beverages, music and stations waiting with darling carts. Flora is grounded in wisdom and she gently guides you to the joy of consciousness through art. Everything feels like love was put into it. I’m so uplifted and inspired. I feel like I’m a better person from being around so much intention, presence and nurturing.

I will take the memories of these past four days, and relive them again and again as a favorite experience in my life.

I am so inspired and grateful. Flora and her gifts were made for my heart’s deepest wishes. I feel so very lucky! Thank you!

Kathy Price

I feel beautifully stretched — I arrived overwhelmed a little nervous. I’m ending feeling bright, happy and inspired. I transformed without even having that as an intention, and I love that even more. The studio is amazing — the most fun place I’ve every painted in. Flora’s style is open, and there is an ease that oozes out of her. She made it feel so easy. I could gush for hours. The love, the helpers, the space and the beauty everywhere! Thank you for such a beautiful experience. I can’t wait for my next one.

Brenda Carolan

My heart and spirit were broken before I met Flora. My therapist had recommended that I take some kind of art class and, by the Great Mystery of the Universe, I found Flora that night. Everything about the course helped me reconnect with my true self again. Her inspiring messages, authentic voice and energy allowed me to find my creative again. Flora taught me so many wonderful tools in life rituals, and painting through freedom and joy. Flora’s guidance led me to my tribe! I now share the gift of reconnecting to the creative through art and natural solutions as a career and life path. Flora will forever be my creative muse and mentor. I recommend this experience to any and all.

Katie Montanez

Step one: sign up for Flora Bowley’s intuitive painting workshop.

Step two: realize that everything Flora teaches is a heart lesson for life.

Step three: have some great epiphanies and be changed forever.

Step four: because of the experience, everyone around changes as well — a ripple effect.

Teresa Remple

There are several layers of lessons woven throughout the Bloom True course. I am not sure that I have grasped all of them, yet. I feel so alive, grounded and free from the paintings that I have been making. Flora is so inspiring and she brought me back to myself through this work. I will continue to explore! I am so grateful.

Alicia Gauger

Thank you for your generosity with all of your gifts — both physical (our goodie bag, the delicious snacks and lunches, Katie coming to pick me up) and, just as important, the metaphysical lessons and experiences.

Rosy Coe

Flora’s class invited me to experiment with shapes, textures, color, etc. It also taught me a huge lesson, which is, “It’s okay to Let Go.” Sighing a breath of relief as I just wrote this. Thank you, Flora.

Leslie Perez

Flora’s class was my first online art class and I LOVED IT!! Flora is a natural teacher. I was sooooooo impressed with the website, videos, online interviews, etc. First class all the way! I’ll be back for more!

Patti Stickler

Taking Flora’s online class was an eye-opening experience for me. I am a newbie to painting and she instilled confidence that I didn’t know I had. I connected with her gentle approach to painting. She is a gift to the painting world. I appreciate all I learned!

Sue Knoll

There are individuals whose lives are touched by their mere presence. Flora is one of those rare individuals who provided a safe space for me to open my wings to fly again in my painting journey. I’m incredibly grateful for her kindness, gentle approach and warm words of encouragement. Her E-Course is a life changer!

Angela Harken

Learning to let go. This is the most precious and important lesson that I gained from Flora Bowley and the Bloom True process. Letting the painting become what it’s supposed to be, and listening to my intuition. Grateful is not really enough of a word to express how I feel about the course, Flora, and the new life it has given me.

Denise Dodd

Flora’s course was life changing. I have never enjoyed the process of painting as much as I do now, since taking Flora’s class. I have much more trust in myself and in what I bring to the painting. Her course is not just about painting, but noticing the abundance in our lives and how we bring that to our paintings.

Lisa Bowen Barker

Bloom True encourages artists at any level to let go of negative thoughts in order to create room for a more joyful form of self-expression.

Lynda Briggs

I had never painted anything before taking Flora’s course, now I love to paint almost daily for fun, therapy and even profit. Flora is just beautifully real. I highly recommend her courses.

Claire O’Connor

I have been churning out canvases like never before since taking Flora’s course. She is so inspiring, and I’ve learned so much! I highly recommend Bloom True for anyone looking for new skills and creative inspiration.

Holly Dodson

Flora ‘s course opened my eyes to the creative blocks I have been creating for myself. She shared her knowledge and gifts in a way that really changed the way I approach art from this point on.

Misty Olsen

Flora Bowley’s course taught me to tap into the creative force in my soul, which had been buried for a long time. What a blessing that is. <3

Terri Meyer

I am so deeply grateful. My painting has evolved and has become something fresh, new and delightful. I can’t even begin to thank Flora for her influence, not just on my painting, but on my LIFE. I’ve been navigating some serious illness throughout this process, and to paint like this, even in small, 15-minute per-day doses, has brought me joy that I can’t put into words. Tears come to my eyes just typing this. All I can say is how I will forever be grateful … for as long as I’m here I will bring this with me! And maybe even when I’m not here. 😉

Colleen McGunnigle

I have been to many workshops over the years. I found Flora Bowley’s Bloom True Level 2 workshop to be one of the top experiences I have had. Flora is an amazing teacher. She combines her painting workshops with yoga, breathing, movement and ritual, which helps deepen the overall experience as well as your painting. Flora’s spacious, beautiful art studio gives plenty of room for each participant to feel as though they have ample room to move and express freely. Flora has a natural way of balancing demonstration time, experiential exercise time and painting time. Flora’s staff, Katie and Anya, are very supportive and made sure that each person got their needs met during the workshop. As an added plus, Flora and her team had healthy, yummy snacks to feast on throughout the day. My overall experience in the Bloom True workshop was excellent.

Yvette Lyons

A day in Flora Bowley’s studio is an art lover’s and aspiring artist’s paradise. Wonderful people, warm and welcoming space, great food and music, and lots of time to immerse yourself in painting. I left wanting more!

Hilary Farberow Stuart

More than I expected. Lovely people. Beautifully orchestrated. It’s a joy to participate in this experience.

Kathy Terry

Flora’s workshop was very inspirational. This workshop is a great getaway for any artist at any level. It’s like a reboot of creative energy to carry you on in any endeavor ahead; and Flora’s space and music are perfect.

Rebecca Maloney

What a great experience with this workshop. Not only was the teaching and material amazing, but the extra touches along the way made for a really spectacular workshop.

Carrie Todd

I came to Portland to paint, and to have some time and space to be creative. I got that and so much more. I met a bunch of beautiful, talented artists and had the opportunity to paint in the studio with Flora, an art hero of mine. I’m leaving feeling energized, and with a sense of my own design voice shining through.

Daina McCauley

I had taken the E-Course before; it works great for my schedule with family, work and life. Coming to the live workshop was great for connecting with other people. I loved connecting with like-minded, creative souls.

Michelle Matisse

This workshop was everything I dreamed of and so much more. It transformed me!

Turkan Ilkdemirci

This class changed my life as much as my painting. I now cherish my intuition on the canvas and off. How did I ever live any other way? It is so much more than a painting class. It was full of wonderful, technical information, but placed in a larger context of life and creating. It would be worth 10 times the cost!

Kelly Reeves

Bloom True had a powerful impact on me. I took the course because I’d been taking on-line classes, but was struggling with perfectionism. I’d learned that I could copy the teacher pretty well, but found it difficult to transition to anything of my own (I’m new to art and I’m older, with a “story” of failing art as a child). Recreating my story and letting go of negative thought patterns was just what I needed. By spending a lot of time with the daily activities, I have really felt a shift in my attitude. I have been able to relax and enjoy the process so much more. I have a journey ahead, but at least I’m on the road! I was so stuck. I really do feel like this is a new beginning to finding my own way.

This is not just another art class. You won’t learn more background techniques or correct ways to compose a painting. You will be encouraged and guided on a journey to help you begin to paint in a much more beautiful, spontaneous way. If you feel at all stuck, you will be encouraged with specific ideas to learn to let go. You will be reenergized to find inspiration all around you, perhaps finding new images to include in your work. If you are struggling with your work, you’ll find ways to release what’s not working and focus on new ideas that might work better. If you allow it, you’ll find a new joy and energy in your process.

Kristina Priest

I love the in-depth guidance, the sensation of immersion into Flora’s process, and the way the healing extends far beyond the canvas into our bodies and lives.

It’s given me a space of respite at the canvas. It’s helped me come closer to making friends with failure, to let go of the outcome and just keep moving, keep making marks, keep being myself — in painting, business and life. I’m still processing the many layers of healing, but it’s big, deep and heart-healing. And I am grateful. Thank you.

It’s simply amazing. It’s changed my world. Do it, do it, do it — don’t wait a moment longer!

Grace Quantock

Even though I have been painting for 10 years, this is the first art class that I’ve ever taken. As a self-taught artist, there were many things that I figured out on my own, but I was so happy to have some of the very basics covered in the first couple of weeks (color mixing, value contrast, etc.). It deepened my understanding, and made me feel more confident knowing I had the tools and knew how and when to use them.

Bloom True is an exciting adventure. It is both a gift and a commitment I made to myself. Flora’s wise and gentle guidance gave me the perfect encouragement to show up exactly as I was, stay open and present to the moment, trust my cravings and inclinations, and discover my authentic style. I feel like my work will forever be separated into “before Bloom True” and after. It has made all the difference.

Amy Topham

Absolutely transformational! I’ve never viewed art in this way before. Letting go of the outcome altogether gives way to such an incredible possibility for creativity that I never even imagined I had. Flora, I feel blessed to have found you. Thank you so much.

Sarah Jefferies

Inspiring, empowering and encouraging. It’s an excellent course for painters who are stuck in their ways, and are ready to explore and open up. I have been painting for over 20 years, and this course reignited my love for experiencing paint in a different way, which has been transformational.

Pia Tohveri

Bloom True has helped me release the inner voice that likes to says my art isn’t good enough. That’s silly. Good enough for whom? I am an artist by virtue of making art! Bloom True is a creative joy ride that is as much about trust, intuition, delving in and letting go, as it is about painting. You would love it!

Susan Kieffer

A chance to approach painting as a total child, without any need to do it right.

Amy Baker

I am so grateful for the sense of being held, guided and nurtured through the process; and it’s because of this that I felt my heart crack wide open. The balance of technical and spiritual was just perfect for me. I LOVED this course and I recommend it to anyone interested in creating and growing.

Amy Nangle

Flora’s E-Course (I have taken it twice before) is the best thing my soul was ever longing for. The last year, after getting in touch with Flora, her abundantly wise lessons have opened so many new doors for me. It led me to reconnect to powerful creativity: intuitive painting as a healing, freeing and ultimately happy-making form. Since then, I am painting regularly and my own artistic voice is becoming clearer every day. I am grateful and centered, and deeply one in this wonderful process, which reflects life itself.

Verena Lang

This process of painting has brought vitality and strength to me, through a transitional time in my life. I feel renewed and uplifted to have had this experience of Bloom True. I enjoyed the healing process of “letting go,” and allowing the painting to unfold.

Belinda Sigstad

Since I have been painting so much, I find that I look at the world differently now. Suddenly the trees near my home are MORE colorful. I find myself driving and commenting on how the trees and their changing colors contrast each other, or the sky, or the beach. My eyes are suddenly tuned into the world of color more vividly. <3 Loving it.

Yvette Lyons

More than an art course, it’s a complete experience for the heart and soul.

I loved how the course encourages you to trust yourself, paint from the heart and, in doing so, to develop your own, unique style.

Up until now, I have largely been stuck in the place of copying artists. This course opened me up to the exciting possibility that I am an artist in my own right and, if I trust myself and do the work, I can make art that is unique, exciting and meaningful to me.

Laura Horn

I have been to many workshops over the years. I found Flora Bowley’s Bloom True Level 2 workshop to be one of the top experiences I have had. Flora is an amazing teacher. She combines her painting workshops with yoga, breathing, movement and ritual, which help deepen the overall experience as well as your painting. Flora’s spacious, beautiful art studio gives plenty of room for each participant to feel as though they have ample room to move and express freely.

Flora has a natural way of balancing demonstration time, experiential exercise time and painting time. Flora’s staff is very supportive and made sure that each person had their needs met during the workshop. As an added plus, Flora and her team had healthy, yummy snacks to feast on throughout the day. My overall experience in the Bloom True workshop was excellent.

Yvette Lyons

I had no idea that four days could hold so much opportunity for transformation, exploration, new experiences and power. I’ve stepped far outside my comfort zone, but I’ve found myself home.

Kristen Heinlein

This Bloom True workshop was life changing for me. It opened me to the artist that resides within, who I had gotten away from. Flora is an inspiring person and teacher. She held space for the group in a sacred and down-to-earth way, encouraging each of us to find our own voice. She gave us structure within which to work in our own ways. I highly recommend this workshop for both the beginner and the more advanced artist.

Diane Sherman

I came to this class knowing that I was going to be pushing my boundaries, and was both nervous and excited. I felt that the space was so safe and supportive. Flora has such strong, confident and encouraging energy, that I dropped the nerves pretty fast. I got so much that I wasn’t even expecting. Thank you.

Dona Bumgarner

This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is rare to find a teacher who can connect with others in such a powerful and inspiring way. I learned as much by observing the demos as I did through exploration on my own. The demos created the path for self-exploration. All the care put into this workshop made it so outstanding from the larger concepts to the smallest details. Thank you.

Rachel Relin

I have always wanted to paint “like me,” to just let go and, if people like what I do, then great. I feel like this is happening now. It also has had an extremely therapeutic effect on me as I am also signed off work with stress. I feel totally absorbed when I am painting. Overall, it has helped to ignite my creative spark, which has been dormant for too long. I am so grateful that this came my way at this time. I will keep going and see what happens.

Theresa Grindrod

The Bloom True E-Course is wonderful. It can mean many things to different kinds of creative people, from the beginner to the experienced artist. Being a new painter, I found that the Spreecasts and interviews with other artists to be very informative and enlightening. The process is inspirational and magical. I totally recommend this E-Course for all levels of artists.

Patricia Carter

This course was inspiring and interesting. I loved the warmth and embrace that was conveyed throughout the course. The whole course itself was professionally executed, organized, well thought out in its structure, and totally worth the money.

It is a challenge in ways, to be sure. Painting from intuition does bring up some fears, insecurities and doubts. However, there is a gentleness that Flora uses to guide you through the process, which makes you feel “maybe I can do this.”

The insights and knowledge I have received through the course are things that have become the undercurrent to finding and discovering my own voice in my artwork. I believe its effects will be long-lasting and will stay with me going forward.

Shay Kent

Bloom True held the space for me to do and feel so much. It is a gift to feel like a painter, to practice listening and courage, and mostly trust. It is a different, forgiving, joyful way of painting, and a gift to yourself. Completely worth the cost — you get so much amazing, multifaceted material.

Lisa Dulany

The course has had an incredible impact on me. I signed up on impulse, as I wanted to shake things up in my life. I had always wanted to paint, but never quite found the time or the courage. As soon as the course started, I knew I had made the right decision. Flora is so supportive and the course is so well put together, that I found myself painting with ease — mainly because I really took to heart the words, “there are no mistakes.” The course taught me to relax, play, experiment, have fun and, above all, trust myself. This has affected lots of other areas of my life too — it feels as if a whole new world has just opened up before me. If anyone reading this is thinking about doing the course, don’t hesitate! I loved every minute of it. Best thing I’ve ever done.

If you’ve always wanted to paint, but didn’t know where to start, or thought you weren’t “good enough,” you need to do this course. It’s a course about trusting yourself and letting go — with surprising and life-enhancing results. It’s much more than a painting course really; it’s a course about life.

Katherine Bassford

This course is amazing: it has helped me go from someone who didn’t paint and only worked small (because I thought I didn’t have room), to an artist who is comfortable with a paintbrush and bold colors. It has made me someone who decided it was time to MAKE ROOM! I have found my true passion and this course has given oxygen to my tiny spark. It has created a roaring fire of hope, trust and possibility, and it has strengthened my creative spirit!

Tori Weyers

This course did more for my mental state then months of therapy.

Alex Keys

I just watched the live painting for November….and I am just so inspired. Hearing Flora talk about her process is invaluable!!

I am in love with Studio Diaries!!!

Thank you!


Bree Brouillet

After watching the first video in this month’s Letting Go series (the 90-degree exercise – how those paintings took shape! OMG!) I just continue to feel blown away at the value of getting to actually watch Flora paint. And to hear, in her own unscripted words, so many pearls of wisdom about the intuitive process. It’s a powerful testimony to the genuine content of the Diaries that without ever having met Flora or even spoken to her, I feel completely understood and supported in this new journey I’m taking into my own uncharted creative process. I feel like I know beyond any doubt that someone else understands and relates to the struggles and the freedoms of learning to trust what is already inside. The content of the Diaries is so rich that I feel as guided as if Flora were in my studio with me, leading me through private lessons. How cool is that?! I live all the way across the country! That kind of connectivity can only come to students through a teacher who truly lives and practices what she instructs. The world – and especially women, I think – need this connectivity so very, very much.

Tracy James

The videos of Flora painting are mesmerizing and really inspire you to try out new things. But it’s also the other good stuff, like reminding you to move and eat well that makes this such a rounded offering. As a regular traveller, I enjoyed watching Flora’s friend Lynx talking about travel pouches and the art materials she likes to take with her when space is a premium. [In December’s Diary]

The Diaries are far from bite-sized, so much thought goes into the production. Doing the monthly option makes this an affordable treat that I consider to be an investment in self. I strongly urge anyone to give it a go – well worth it!

Mary Price

Studio Diaries has been the boost of creative inspiration I’ve been in need of. I get really excited right before the release of each one…it feels like opening a bundle of gifts! There is so much to be gained by simply watching Flora paint (that’s my favorite part!). And second to that, I love all the other creative and conscious souls she introduces to us to through her couch chat segment. It’s so inspiring to see others living their creative path in a way that is unique to each of them.

I love that the community is small enough to get familiar with everyone. Its almost a guarantee that you will get your questions answered during the Q&A which is amazing. The support and intimacy of the group really creates a welcoming space to share and to be inspired by others. Speaking as someone who tends to be the fly on the wall in groups (virtual or otherwise) I feel very comfortable sharing here and that feels really great.

Devon Walz

Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the Studio Diaries subscription and all of its rich content. I look forward to it arriving each month. I can’t imagine all the work and prep that goes into it. Flora and her guests are just awesome, and I have enjoyed all the knowledge, tips and talents, caring and encouragement they share. Kudos to Flora and her team for this great experience.


I am so happy to be doing the Studio Diaries! It has absolutely worked to paint intuitively. I painted many layers in my December small painting and Flora’s advice through her video kept me free and gave me permission to pay attention to when I thought “what if”…

During the last couple of layers I photographed the piece and saw that the camera turned the gold paint to yellow…..the yellow against the blue worked beautifully, so what if I changed it? I added that layer and it was the answer to what helped spark the painting.

Patricia Deck

The Studio Diaries have been amazing for me ! I went into this course with the expectation of learning how to paint intuitively, not really knowing what that meant. But for the first time in 55 years, I feel like I am getting to know myself! It’s taken me a while, with a long way to go, but I am realizing I am important! A lot of emotions bubbling to the surface that I haven’t wanted to deal with. I thank you and all the Bloom True tribe members for the support and encouragement!

Sandy Wright

I love the very generous offerings Flora has provided each month. I am thrilled I gifted a year of Studio Diaries to myself – money well spent! The Diaries keep me inspired creatively, mentally, and physically and provide a sense of artistic community for me. Very happy, thank you, Flora!

Madelyn Montjoy

Everything about the Studio Diaries is fabulous! So much love in one place! 🙂

Fiona Lowe

Each Studio Diary month has a rich variety of offerings. I’ve been matching my viewing of the segments to my needs or curiosity of that particular day, savoring the Diaries over the course of weeks each month. (But binge watching could also be enriching & great fun…). Flora is very natural & “real” in all of her conversations; I’m feeling like she’s a partner in my artsy practice.

Carolyn Hanson

I still can’t believe the low cost of this year’s fabulous Studio Diaries. We’re only in month 2 and I feel I have already gotten my money’s worth. The colors, the conversations and the insightful comments by Flora have already changed my art and how I view it. Thank you so much Flora, you’re appreciated.

Peggy McDevitt

I have thoroughly enjoyed Studio Diaries so far, it’s just SO right!
I feel very special to be part of this art community.
The camaraderie and encouragement is infectious as we let go and paint!
Flora and team, your monthly Diaries are so interesting and oozing with talent.
The support group addressing issues has been outstanding, thank you all!
Best time ever, XO

Jennifer Peers

I think that in a fast-paced world, slowing down to enjoy so many facets of a creative life is a perfect way to implement art in the every day. Not only is Flora’s work and teaching so inspiring, her guests and their input round out the creative practice. I look forward to each month, and I also find myself going back to all of the offerings again and again.

Kathleen Braasch

I love everything about the Studio Diaries! There is so much that enriches my life every month. I feel like I am receiving a special gift that was meant just for me, just when I needed it! I can’t wait for each month to arrive!

Teressa Sliger

I love, love, love the Studio Diaries. Once a month is just the right amount of time, and the Diaries are filled with so much inspiration. I am learning so much and loving it. Thank you.

Dawn Gettig

I absolutely love the Studio Diaries. Sometimes online classes can feel stressful “trying to keep up.” This offering is absolutely perfect for me and my life right now. There’s instruction, there are interviews, there’s reading or just beautiful photos to look at if that’s all you can take in that day. I find myself visiting Studio Dairies at least daily and have watched the painting videos many times over. Simply perfect!

Roxy Johnson

The Studio Diaries are such a gift. Each one has a wealth of information, and it’s so enjoyable to watch Flora paint – she’s very accessible and endearing. I’m always inspired after tuning into a Diary! It also has made my practice much more regular than its been in years. I’m very grateful for Flora’s creation, and that she made it so affordable! Thank you, Flora Bowley!!!!!


Nicole Reddington

Flora Bowley’s inspiring message to always find the joy in our practice – to even call our creative endeavors a “practice” – has helped me cut through so many barriers. It all starts and ends with the process, the expression of my inner self manifest on the canvas. I feel so alive, so expressive and so in alignment with my inner self while painting, since taking Flora’s E-Course. Studio Diaries is a delicious monthly offering that keeps me riding that wave. I do feel brave, thanks to Flora!

Renee Iverson

I am loving the November Diary! Of course, to just listen to and watch Flora paint is pure joy! And a whole year of her!!!!! Thank you!


Elsie Hickey-Wilson