Let Go. Be Bold. Unfold.


In Fall 2010, I taught my first workshop. This workshop was quickly followed by a call from Quarry Books asking me if I would like to write a book about my painting process.

Surprised, honored and nervous, I quickly said YES.

However, thoughts such as, “But I’m a painter, not a writer,” and “How do I write a linear book about a very nonlinear subject?” swam around my brain.

I was given one year to write the book, and I had absolutely no idea where or how to begin. I  also was traveling around the world teaching workshops, so much of the book was written in coffee shops and hotels rooms.

I took one baby step at a time, wrote from my heart, asked lots of questions and learned a hell of a lot along the way.

Five years later, Brave Intuitive Painting, has sold over 40,000 copies.

I am humbled and grateful by the enormous way this book has found its way into the world.

Every week, I hear stories about how the book has helped revolutionize a creative life, how it has sparked something that had been dormant for too long, and how it offered much-needed guidance, freedom and the permission to be an artist.

The introduction begins like this …

“For many years, I struggled with my desire to paint for the sake of exploration, raw expression and release. I thought my art needed to support an intellectual theory, make a political statement, or in some way to change the world. Eventually I surrendered, allowing myself to paint for the sake of painting and the joy it brings.

After many years of following my heart, I now understand that the very act of pure expression does change the world. It changes each and every person who is brave enough to pick up a paintbrush, open themselves up to the unknown, and express themselves honestly and intuitively. It is through this kind of heartfelt expression that truths are revealed, lives transform and new worlds are born.”

And the inside flap tells you this …

Adopt a spontaneous, bold and fearless approach to painting as a process of discovery — one that results in lush and colorful finished works that will beg to be displayed. This inspiring and encouraging book for both novice and experienced painters teaches how to create colorful, exciting, expressive paintings through a variety of techniques — combining basic, practical painting principles with innovative, personal self-expression.


The Journal

In 2014, Quarry released a journal inspired by my book, Brave Intuitive Painting: An Art Journal For Living Creatively. It’s full of color painting images, quotes from the book and plenty of white pages to explore your own creative musings.

The book and the journal make an awesome pair!

The Next Book

I recently signed my second book contract with Quarry. The working title for this next book is, Creative Revolution, and it’s scheduled for release in November 2016.

Now that I have taught thousands of students worldwide, I have witnessed the revolutionary power of the creative process time and time again. I look forward to sharing these stories and new creative exercises with you in my next book.

Stay tuned.