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Over the course of a year, I poured my heart, soul, and latest inspiration into creating monthly Studio Diaries. I’m thrilled to offer you this free collection of videos, audio recordings, and written content to give you an idea of what this whole Studio Diaries adventure is all about.

I will say creating these Diaries has been quite a whirlwind of learning and evolution on our end. What started with me and an iphone has turned into an amazing professional set up with three HD cameras, lights, sound gear, and a team of incredible helpers. I figured if I was going to offer new content every month for a year, then I wanted to do it right!

While every Diary is a unique experience, you’ll always find Creative Exercises, Live Painting Videos, Monthly Q + A, Couch Chats, Valuable Links and Resources, and a Monthly Playlist. Often, you’ll find bonus contributions from other artists as well.

Please note, every Diary focuses on a theme, so you’ll hear me referring to those themes throughout this Sample Diary.

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Live Painting Layer Three: Letting It Out + Embracing “Ugly”

This video is about purposefully using colors we don’t usually use and making an “ugly painting” as a way to express a full spectrum of emotions. The video following this one shows how this “ugly” painting is transformed once again.

This video was a part of the Making Peace with Your Inner Critic Diary. 

All content in the Diary include:

▪ Writing Our Stories with Flora and Lynx

▪ Creating Affirmation Cards with Flora and Lynx

▪ Live Painting Layer One: A Painted Letter

▪ Live Painting Layer Two: Eyes Closed Finger Painting

▪ Live Painting Layer Three: Letting It Out + Embracing “Ugly”

▪ Live Painting Layer Four: Transformation

▪ Couch Chat with Shiloh Sophia

▪ Diving Deeper Podcast: Q + A with Flora

▪ Late Night Reflections on the Inner Critic with Melody Ross and Orly Avineri

▪ “A Magical Golden Key” by Pema Chodron

▪ Resources for Making Peace with Your Inner Critic

▪ Three Inspiring Talks

▪ Poetry by Marianne Williamson

▪ Spotify Playlist 

Music in this video is by Random Rab

Creative Exercise: Examining Paint Quality

In this video, I am exploring the question, “How to Finish a Painting?” with a focus on Examining Paint Quality as one way to create a more finished feeling painting.

This video is part of the Diary – How to Finish a Painting.

Music for this video is by Tom Grant.

Creative Exercise: Mixing Colors

This Creative Exercise offers some simple and effective tips for mixing up your own unique colors.

This lesson can be found in the Diary Staying Inspired.

All content in the Staying Inspired Diary includes:

▪ Creative Exercise Part One: New Tools New Marks

▪ Creative Exercise Part Two: Mixing Color

▪ Painting Session: Incorporating New Tools and Colors

▪ Couch Chat with Mary Beth Bonfiglio

▪ Couch Chat with Robin Jackson

▪ Diving Deeper: An hour of Q + A with Flora

▪ Live Music with Robin Jackson

▪ Ira Glass: On Creativity

▪ Audio: A Moving Meditation

▪ Committing to Your Creativity + Staying Accountable

▪ Your Wonderful Wisdom

▪ Resources for Staying Inspired

▪ Spotify Playlist 

Music for this video is by Clair Oaks

Couch Chat with Shiloh Sophia: On Creativity and Healing

In this Couch Chat, I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Shiloh Sophia, painter, teacher and visionary. Shiloh and I met about an hour before this was filmed, but our soul connection was instant!

I recorded this video to share with my entire audience, and featured another wonderful chat with Shiloh in the Diary Making Peace with Your Inner Critic.

Music in this video is by Robin Jackson.

Bonus Couch Chat with Kelly Rae Roberts

I feel incredibly blessed to know so many inspiring artists and visionaries, and it’s an honor to share some of their wisdom with you in each Studio Diary. I always feature at least one Couch Chat in every Diary.

This video features a Couch Chat with my dear friend, Kelly Rae Roberts. Painter, teacher, licensed artist and “possibilitarian,” Kelly Rae has so much to share.

This Couch Chat was created as part of our original Sample Diary.

Music in this video is by Robin Jackson.

Creating Altars with Flora and Lynzee Lynx

This video is a great example of how I like to weave an interesting variety of holistic exercises into Studio Diaries. I have shared yoga sequences, meditations, healthy food prep, and in this case… altar making!

Creating an altar in your creative space or home is a wonderfully tangible way to bring attention to what is meaningful in your life. Here, you’ll see my dear friend, Lynzee Lynx, and I share some of our thoughts as we collaborate on making an altar together.

This video is a part of the Diary Letting Go.

All content in the Letting Go Diary includes:

▪Creative Lesson: Ninety Degree Exercise

▪Live Painting Session with Flora

▪Couch Chat with Jesse Reno

▪Diving Deeper Q + A with Flora

▪Yoga with Suniti Dernovsek

Written content includes:

▪ Letting Go + Letting In

▪ Practical Ways to Clear Out + Free Up

▪ Letting Go with Intention

▪ Feature Poem by Rev. Safire Rose

▪ Spotify Playlist 

Music in this video is by Kyrstyn Pixton.


In every Studio Diary, you’ll find a Diving Deeper Podcast where I answer questions related to the theme of the Diary.

Feel free to download this podcast and listen anytime!


I love to offer monthly meditations and contributions by other artists and healers, and this Morning Meditation with Lacy Young gives you both!

After attending one of Lacy Young’s Shift Retreats, I truly did feel a shift — a big one.

In fact, I floated down the street and all the way through the next few weeks feeling lighter, brighter and more clearly on my path. I’m still incorporating so many of the tools I learned at the retreat, and I’m excited to share a bit of Lacy’s magic with you today!

After the retreat, I asked Lacy if she would create a special meditation specifically for our May Studio Diary: The Art of Simplicity. Lucky for us, she said yes. This meditation is so simple, it’s actually designed to do while you’re still in bed — sweet, right? In Lacy’s words, “What could be more simple than laying in bed for a quickie meditation?”

I totally agree.


In addition to all the monthly videos, each Studio Diary offers some guidance around how you might weave the monthly theme into your life off the canvas.

In our original Sample Diary, we explored the theme of Awakening, and I offered these ideas to explore.


Mornings offer us a beautiful opportunity to set the stage for how we move into our day. Trust me, I know how easy it is to jump (or crawl) out of bed and immediately start working or rushing. Here are a few ideas to support a more intentional and healthy start to your day.

  • Consider leaving your phone in another room overnight to avoid the temptation of reaching for it first thing. I love waking up to my Zen alarm clock instead of a phone alarm.
  • Take a few moments to remember and reflect on your dreams, and to set a simple intention for your day.
  • Drink warm water with lemon first thing to aid with digestion, balance PH, boost your immune system and hydrate your skin.
  • How about a little morning stretch? I’m a huge fan of the five-minute yoga session to work out the kinks and energize my body. YogaGlo is a great online resource full of wonderful yoga and meditation videos.

Starting your day with these super-simple rituals has the power to set your entire day off in the right direction. No time in the morning, consider what kind of evening ritual might fit into your day.


Establishing physical space in order to create is one of the most powerful things you can do to support your creative habit.

If the story, “I can’t create art, because I don’t have the space” sounds familiar, now is your day to reboot that belief system. Where can you carve out a little space for yourself? It might just be on the kitchen table or in the corner of your bedroom. Perhaps you have a friend who would happily lend you a little of their extra space?

Over the past 20 years, I have created many makeshift painting studios in all sorts of places: basements, bedrooms, kitchen tables, garages and backyard shacks. I even painted in a storage unit one summer — true story.

Your creative space doesn’t need to be fancy. Your art supplies don’t not need to be fancy either. I painted with house paint on cardboard until I could afford something else. The point is, do what works for YOU, but do something.

Getting creative with your creative space is a great first step on your journey.

It’s time to consider your creative space a priority in your life. YOU DESERVE IT + YOU’RE WORTH IT. Create a space you really want to be in.


Whether you call it listening to intuition, following inner guidance, responding to an inkling, or having a sixth sense, the sensation of knowing and honoring something in your gut (or heart or bones) is what Intuitive Wandering is all about.

Listening to this intuitive flavor of “intelligence” is not typically taught in schools (unless you’re taking the Bloom True E-Course). However, deep soul wisdom does reside beyond our logical minds and tapping into this wisdom often results in more serendipity, clarity, magical moments … and awakening!

One way that I flex my intuition muscle, off the canvas, is to go on what I call an Intuitive Wander. The idea is simple: Let go of a plan. Let go of needing to know where you will go or how you will get there, and let your heart lead the way.

Pause at every intersection to check in with your intuition. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, open yourself up to all possibilities and notice if you are feeling pulled in one direction. Go with your first inkling. Placing your hands on your belly and heart can also help you tune in more deeply.

Can you make some time for intuitive wandering this month? Let us know where it leads you!


I love to honor and share the work of other artists who truly exemplify mastery over our monthly themes. For example, in May we explored The Art of Simplicity, and I shared six artists who express themselves with beautiful and graceful restraint, while still packing a dynamic visual punch.

I really enjoy seeking out and discovering other artists who inspire me to see my own work in a whole new way, and I’m happy to share some of my favorite finds with you.

As you’ll see, these are not just painters. Inspiration comes in so many forms.

Click on images for more information on each artist.

Eva Magill-Oliver

A. Goldsworthy

Jen Goff

Ruth Asawa

Mark Rothko

M. Abramovic


Another way I offer up ways to explore the monthly themes is by providing lists of online resources. I love researching each month to find quality resources to share in the Diaries.

For example, in March we explored Collaboration, and I shared this list:

A round-up of TED Talks on Collaboration (and more!)

The Ten Most Memorable Artistic Collaborations

Better Together: The Practice of Successful Creative Collaboration

Ideas for Creative Collaboration via Pinterest

Tunisian Collaborative Painting



In every Studio Diary you’ll find a unique monthly playlist that supports the theme of the month. For example, in February we explored Finding Your Style, and the playlist below features a wide variety of musical styles.

All the playlists are housed on Spotify, so you will need to sign up for a free account to listen. If you enjoy the music you hear, please consider purchasing music directly from the artists to support them.

I love putting these playlists together for you every month!



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