I attended the retreat with my heart wide open, hoping to experience this exact thing. The studio is so beautiful and the aesthetic stirs creativity. The staff was sincere, supportive and helpful, with amazing, gorgeous food, beverages, music and stations waiting with darling carts. Flora is grounded in wisdom and she gently guides you to the joy of consciousness through art. Everything feels like love was put into it. I’m so uplifted and inspired. I feel like I’m a better person from being around so much intention, presence and nurturing.

I will take the memories of these past four days, and relive them again and again as a favorite experience in my life.

I am so inspired and grateful. Flora and her gifts were made for my heart’s deepest wishes. I feel so very lucky! Thank you!

Kathy Price

I feel beautifully stretched — I arrived overwhelmed a little nervous. I’m ending feeling bright, happy and inspired. I transformed without even having that as an intention, and I love that even more. The studio is amazing — the most fun place I’ve every painted in. Flora’s style is open, and there is an ease that oozes out of her. She made it feel so easy. I could gush for hours. The love, the helpers, the space and the beauty everywhere! Thank you for such a beautiful experience. I can’t wait for my next one.

Brenda Carolan

Step one: sign up for Flora Bowley’s intuitive painting workshop.

Step two: realize that everything Flora teaches is a heart lesson for life.

Step three: have some great epiphanies and be changed forever.

Step four: because of the experience, everyone around changes as well — a ripple effect.

Teresa Remple

Thank you for your generosity with all of your gifts — both physical (our goodie bag, the delicious snacks and lunches, Katie coming to pick me up) and, just as important, the metaphysical lessons and experiences.

Rosy Coe

I have been to many workshops over the years. I found Flora Bowley’s Bloom True Level 2 workshop to be one of the top experiences I have had. Flora is an amazing teacher. She combines her painting workshops with yoga, breathing, movement and ritual, which helps deepen the overall experience as well as your painting. Flora’s spacious, beautiful art studio gives plenty of room for each participant to feel as though they have ample room to move and express freely. Flora has a natural way of balancing demonstration time, experiential exercise time and painting time. Flora’s staff, Katie and Anya, are very supportive and made sure that each person got their needs met during the workshop. As an added plus, Flora and her team had healthy, yummy snacks to feast on throughout the day. My overall experience in the Bloom True workshop was excellent.

Yvette Lyons

Flora’s workshop was very inspirational. This workshop is a great getaway for any artist at any level. It’s like a reboot of creative energy to carry you on in any endeavor ahead; and Flora’s space and music are perfect.

Rebecca Maloney

What a great experience with this workshop. Not only was the teaching and material amazing, but the extra touches along the way made for a really spectacular workshop.

Carrie Todd

I came to Portland to paint, and to have some time and space to be creative. I got that and so much more. I met a bunch of beautiful, talented artists and had the opportunity to paint in the studio with Flora, an art hero of mine. I’m leaving feeling energized, and with a sense of my own design voice shining through.

Daina McCauley

I had taken the E-Course before; it works great for my schedule with family, work and life. Coming to the live workshop was great for connecting with other people. I loved connecting with like-minded, creative souls.

Michelle Matisse

This workshop was everything I dreamed of and so much more. It transformed me!

Turkan Ilkdemirci