Watch a painting come to life!


Thank you for your interest in The Painting Sessions. I’m happy to give you a sneak peek inside this offering by sharing a free compilation of videos from the first six Sessions.

In each full-length Painting Session, you’ll see me create a brand new painting (or paintings) from start to finish, accompanied by a voice-over to offer more insight into the process. Each Session also includes written content, final reflections, a “paint tour,” and a new music playlist to get you moving and grooving at home.

There’s something quite magical about watching a painting come to life, with all the twists and turns along the way, and you just can’t get this kind of insight from only seeing a finished painting.

Please enjoy the complimentary videos below as my gift. If you’re feeling inspired, please consider purchasing A Year of Painting Sessions for $240 to receive two free Sessions, or any individual Session for just $24. All Painting Sessions are ready for immediate viewing and include Lifetime Access.

Thank you so much for taking the time to experience The Painting Sessions. Now sit back and enjoy, or better yet, grab your brushes and paint along with me!

Episode One - Part One

Episode Two - Part Two

Episode Three - Part Three

Episode Eleven - Part Four

Episode Six - Part Five

Episode Twelve - Final Touches


I’m happy to share these direct links to some of my favorite tools and materials, in case you want to try them out yourself!

Jen Poly Foam Brush – my favorite foam brush!

Foam Roller 

Blick Mega Brush

Catalyst Rubber Scraper

Golden Brand Acrylic Paint

Blick Matte Acrylics

Fredrix Stretched Canvas



If one of the Painting Session’s is especially potent for you and you’d like to own a print of the finished painting, we’d love to send one your way! All prints are 13″ x 19″ for $49 (includes shipping in the US). Please click here to browse all the available prints.

Allies Painting


I’m an avid music lover, and I love to listen to music while I paint. I also love putting together monthly playlists for you to enjoy at home! Enjoy this Sample Painting Sessions Playlist here.

Please note, my playlists are hosted on Spotify, so you’ll need to sign up for a free account to listen. If you enjoy the music you hear, please consider supporting the musicians directly by purchasing their music to keep and enjoy.


You can purchase individual Painting Sessions at anytime for $24 each and keep them for life. Or you can join us for A Year of Painting Sessions, which includes lifetime access to all twelve Painting Sessions ever created, for $44 off the individual price.


Did you know there’s a lively and private Facebook Community for everyone who participates in The Painting Sessions? This is a great space to post your work, ask questions, and receive support from fellow creatives around the world.


Sharing our journeys can fuel the flames of motivation, inspiration, and accountability. Also, it’s just fun!

If you want to see more of what The Painting Sessions Community is up to, check out the hashtag: #thepaintingsessions.