One of the best virtual creative painting life experiences. The community is amazing and you feel connected and supported along the journey.

Michelle Draschil

Life changing – more than what you would ever expect from a painting course, let alone an online painting course.

Leilani P.

An amazing experience where self care, self exploration, and creativity collide!

Cheryl Barker

An opportunity to unearth my creativity and realize it has nothing to do with the medium (paint, knitting, cooking) and everything to do with living my life creatively every single day.

Deanna Nihill

I feel energised, refreshed, and truly nourished. Thank you so much for re-igniting my creative flow in my heart and art. I have loved this course and will continue the practices on my art journey.

Danielle Cartwright

A delicious gift to your creative wellness.

Christine K.

I was amazed that I finished two large canvases I felt good about. I enjoyed the whole process. The beginning stages were freeing. The middle stages were challenging. The end was satisfying. I look forward to painting more, now that I have the experience to know I can do this.

I’m so glad I took the leap and signed up!


Lisa G.

It was such an all encompassing course but what made this really stand out was to have the participants there going through it. Each person brought a different dynamic to the retreat thus asking the questions, processing through the steps, etc just as if I would be there.

Julie G.

Reunite was an adventure in self trust and has deeply affected me. It has helped me to gain insight into the creative process and has given me a new reverence for being creative on a daily basis!

Soleila Erickson

This experience solidified for me that I AM AN ARTIST. Because I am self taught (aka no formal art education), I have been hesitant to say I am an artist. But this just cemented it for me. I know what I’m doing. I can take a nugget of an idea from my head and transform it onto the canvas. I love this intuitive process so much.

Jane B.

it was exciting, invigorating, the first online course I’ve taken and didn’t feel like I was at home on my own.

Jayne Phillips

Life restoring

Penny H.

It’s like an art retreat for the soul. You will have feelings surface and learn about the true essence of you.

Cyd R.

A fantastic, freeing experience. I learned so much and will be forever changed by the exercises.

Kim Lande

Flora’s descriptions, explanations and tips on how to get in touch with the creative spark and intuition and how to find them again when you are stuck and blocked were so valuable to me. I’ve done a few painting workshops, but none of them made me feel so inspired and learned so much.

Christina Herbst

REUNITE is a gift to yourself. Flora is constantly giving us permission to be messy, have fun and start over again and again. It’s a practice for a life and a reminder to take one step forward. Just the next right thing.

Taylor P.

Possibly the best art experience I’ve ever had.

Bobby McPherson

An amazing immersion into letting go and letting art flow, well-instructed and well-held.  I felt like I was really at the retreat itself!  I trust my eye and my instincts more and can easily get unstuck. The simple tools taught at the beginning are very much alive and working for me!

Nicole De Picciotto

As always, you grow as a person and artist when you take one of Flora’s courses…. If you are new to painting, you will get a ton of information to get you started, have a lot of fun and will allow you to keep painting for a long time. If you have experience, you will learn to let go and enjoy the process, it gets you in tune with your body, heart and soul. I have taken a lot of Flora’s online courses and this is THE BEST one!

Sonia Gautrau

The retreat was a unique opportunity to connect with other creative souls all over the world in real-time. In this day and age, that is a real treasure. Flora and team have created high-quality digital content and did an excellent job facilitating live sessions. I enjoyed the breakout rooms in the daily retreat calls. The videos are very high-quality and the exercises were really fun.

Romana C.

You can choose what you want to do and when you want to do it. There is no pressure to be good enough. And the letting go helps me to get to know myself in a new way!

Sabine Siebel

A joyful, sparkling, stimulating, out-of-my-comfort-zone experience that goes way beyond painting. It’s like going on a journey and discovering new territories, even if I didn’t leave my home!

Virginie Hentzienne

Painting is healing, and a process. It was one of the first times that I was able to be really in the process and not feel attached to, or become precious about, parts of my work. Being unattached to outcome, and being in the moment led to a different experience and eally embrace the process.

Tonya L.

There are so many others who LOVE to paint and want to explore their creative natures. Virtual retreats DO work!

Kelly Clancy

A virtual creative retreat for anyone seeking relaxation, inspiration, and connection. Something that soothes and invigorates the soul.

Jessica Luciano

The kind of painting experience we dream of when we think of ‘learning to paint’. It’s a way into painting what feels good and then trusting that.

Halima Rogers

An amazing adventure/retreat in intuitive style painting, that I’ve never really tried, that allowed me to explore spaces of my creative self I’ve never explored! Totally opened me up. I feel liberated!!

Su Shen Atta

A wonderful experience with so many tips for wellness, which I realized is a way for setting the terrain for creativity… I highly recommend these sessions to explore painting with mindfulness, release judgement, and find a sense of playfulness while making your self-expression with love.

Irma Garcia

After such a long, hard, solitary and confusing year with so much grief all around us, it was truly magical and a soul-feeding respite. (Think I liked the retreat?  I’ve been to many, none online, none like this. Truly I was blown away and still am)

For the first time, I approached art without fear – that sinking feeling of inadequacy, feeling stupid, so much judgement was nodded to and then released.  I approached this class joyfully, truly as a beginner, and when I got ‘stuck’ I was merely perplexed and went back to the directions – make a mark, change a color, close your eyes!  I’m not sure how to phrase that as a takeaway, but it was a truly important shift in my perspective.


Beth A.

If you have ever felt like you want to paint but you don’t know where or how to start, this class, and especially Flora will introduce you to a technique that could change your life by teaching you a creative practice that will allow you to just begin.

Kristin Bowler

A great wellness refresher and one of the best virtual art courses out there today

Linda Blackerby

A transformative and enlightening virtual art class experience.

Diane Lowry

I’ve been stuck for awhile, mostly fear-based, and participating in REUNITE gently guided me out of that place. I’m super grateful for all the time that everyone gave to make this idea and concept into a reality that you could share with others!!!! I know I have benefited greatly!! Much gratitude and love for you and your REUNITE team!!

Christine Thatcher DeBoer

An incredible journey to the inner depths of my soul.

Catharine Daniel

This is the Best of the Best of Flora’s work. I have taken many of her workshops, both in person and online, and I learned more about this intuitive painting process in her explanations that somehow I have never heard before, or heard in a new way. It was like being there in person… and in the luxury of being in my own studio.

Helen Bradley

The most incredible painting experience you’ll ever find online.

Frances Fox

I was REUNITED with my creativity!

Peggy R.

I will forever be craving that month of wellness and the thoughtful, creative, and heart-felt prompts that kept us tuned in and united through the month.

Shonna Edwards

The workshop brought me to a place of possibility & purpose. It renewed my passion to practice, to put in the effort, to love what I love & let go the rest!

Mairead O.

This five week course was really a wellness course disguised as an art class…. You can’t get where you want to be with fear guiding you. In a way this is a course in facing and conquering the fear inside you.


Laura Leubner

A highly transformative and healing experience that allows one to access themselves in ways they never though possible. It is a soulful, creative adventure that is offers opportunity for self nurturing, self care, community, and divine grace.

Alisha Janele

Reunite was such a lovely experience. I would 100% recommend it to all of my friends! Especially those who are interested in learning how to get through the fear of making a mistake on the canvas (sometimes to the point of being too scared to start.)

Erika Pruden

Incredible art experience.

Liz Moe Dickens

A four day feast for the creative spirit!

Ann Clyde

Reunite was a magical experience that helped me find new ways to express myself through emotion rather than what I think my expression should look like. It was a lesson on stillness and paying attention to my feelings to find out what I need and what I want to express. And it was the most beautiful art class on an intuitive painting process where we learned to activate and move through different phases of the working with the canvas to bring forth some pretty cool intuitive art. Life changing!

Jeanne James-Hory

This was THE most delightful dive into a bath of warm self-trust and community support, and oh yes, PAINTING fun!

Rebecca Perry

I’m getting more comfortable in letting go and it has increased my thirst to create art as often as possible.

Nancy Wallace

A magical, intense and emotional experience that brought to the surface pieces of myself that I had buried. A resurfacing of ideas and creativity that have been waiting for me to welcome back in and embrace.

Susi Hutchison

The best virtual retreat I could imagine. It was well done, and done with left and right brain planning! The logistics were thought out and when something wasn’t quite right in Flora’s thinking there was acceptance and flexibility that, well, that is life.

Nancy Schiller

Wonderful experience! Very professionally done and such a great learning experience. Great for both first time and experienced painters alike. You will love Flora and her team!

Phyllis S.

I had a breakthrough on being stuck. Just by understanding how to activate the canvas without fear was a huge success for me. It was a great experience that I will never forget.

Kim Sowa

Transformative, both on and off the canvas. I am a better person than I was before REUNITE.

Sarah David

Excellent opportunity to focus on your own self care at your own pace with lots of support.


Aylin D.

It’s the next best thing to a real retreat/painting workshop with Flora you can get. It really feels like being part of the group in the studio and the inspirational bonus inputs over a whole month were a special extra treat!

Just do it! This is truly a great gift for yourself and your art! It will leave you inspired and happy!

Petra Stawinski

Reunite was so much more than I had imagined. An amazing interactive online retreat experience, including painting, wellness, community. A treasure box filled with beautiful insights, techniques, recipes, movement, conversations… so much to discover, try and explore.

Vera U.