A five-week online painting adventure


The Bloom True E-course presents a groundbreaking and transformational approach to painting (and living) that celebrates intuition, connects body, mind and spirit and allows unique and expressive paintings to emerge naturally and authentically.

Over the past four years, the Bloom True E-course has inspired thousands of people from across the globe to embrace a new, wildly freeing way of creating, and now the newly designed self-paced course is available for you!

Throughout the five-week journey, I offer soulful guidance and step-by-step support as I demonstrate my entire Brave Intuitive Painting process, along with powerful transformational life lessons along the way.

I have been fine-tuning this course for the past four years, and I couldn’t be more proud of it.

This course did more for my mental state then months of therapy. – Alex Keys

About the Course

Brimming with gorgeous high definition video demonstrations, unique creative lessons, inspiring prompts, interviews with fellow artists, in-depth weekly Q + A sessions, and enough encouragement and inspiration to last a lifetime, this course will empower even first time painters to unlock their creative flow while gleaning powerful life lessons along the way.

Professionally filmed in HD and shot on location in my Portland studio, the course provides encouraging step-by-step guidance as you bravely let go of fear, embrace intuition, find your own style and open up to a new world of creative possibilities. Throughout the course, I show the evolution of three large paintings from start to finish.

The Bloom True E-course is unlike any other online painting e-course out there — it may just change the way you paint forever.

NEW! The newly designed Bloom True E-course is now available as a self-paced painting adventure!

I am thrilled to offer the updated Bloom True E-course as a self-paced learning experience. This means you can purchase the course at anytime and move through all the lessons while honoring your own unique rhythm and lifestyle.

Enjoy access to all the course material, including live monthly Q + A Spreecasts and access to a Global Community of Bloomers for one full year beginning on October 20th, 2015.

Please note, if you have taken the course before, “the bones” of the content remains the same, but the look of the course is entirely updated, and I’m constantly adding new bonus material. I’m offering all Bloom True Alumni a very special price on the new course, please email for more information.

Learn more about the course in the short video below.

Your Investment

The Bloom True E-course is available for $297

*Please note materials are not included in the course fee. Please see Materials page for a detailed description of what you will need for the course.

Content Includes:

  • Over thirty professionally shot videos presented in HD filmed in my Portland studio and home
  • Over thirty lessons, including five theory lessons and ten painting sessions
  • A series of creative prompts
  • Live monthly Spreecast calls, a wonderful opportunity to receive support and feedback.
  • Hours of pre-recorded weekly Q + A sessions
  • Interviews with fellow artists: Alena Hennessy, Pixie Lighthorse, Anahata Katkin, Melody Ross, Orly Avineri, Lynzee Lynx and Kelly Rae Roberts.
  • Basic yoga instruction
  • Great painting music from from a variety of musicians throughout course
  • Downloadable audio painting prompts
  • Downloadable audio meditation
  • Access to a community of like minded and spirited people from across the world…your new creative tribe!
  • A heartfelt and uplifting approach to painting that just might change the way you paint forever.
  • A year of extended classroom access, so you can watch the videos and access the lessons as many times as you like during the year following your purchase.
There are individuals whose lives are touched by their mere presence. Flora is one of those rare individuals. Her e-course is a life changer!
– Angela Harken

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is the class?

The Bloom True E-course is an online course. The course is now available to purchase at anytime as a self-paced online painting adventure. The course will be available on October 20th, 2015. You will have access to the course for one full year from the time of your purchase. If you purchase the course before October 20th, you will have access to the course until October 20th, 2016.


I haven’t painted before. Is this class for me?

Yes! This class is for anyone who wants to loosen up, become more bold and explore their creativity in a new intuitive way.  The process is very forgiving and no prior experience of painting is necessary.

I am already a professional artist. Is this class for me?

Yes! Even if you have been painting for years, this class will bring a fresh approach, new techniques and a whole new way of looking at painting from a place of intuition, freedom and joy.

How do I know if this course is for me?

This course is for you if… You want to discover a unique approach to painting, which can translate into all areas of your life.  You want to let go, be bold and allow your paintings to unfold naturally and in their own time.  You are ready to feel the fear of the unknown, but take the leap anyway.

This course is NOT for you if… You are looking for a course on specific painting techniques or want to learn how to paint what is in front of you (although many techniques will be shared, this is much more about the approach than the individual techniques).

Will I learn a lot of new painting techniques in this course?

I will share a variety of techniques and painting prompts, but please note this is not primarily a course about painting techniques, or replicating an image of what is in front of you…or even knowing what you will paint before you begin.

Instead, this course presents a holistic approach to life and painting which encourages you to allow your paintings to emerge organically in unexpected ways as a result of listening to your intuition, trusting and being brave.

I have taken an in-person workshop with you before. What is the difference?

There are four main differences:

  1. You can work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.
  2. There are many additional elements that will help to connect you more even deeply with your everyday life as a way to find inspiration for your painting process.
  3. You will have access to the professionally-shot videos for one year, so you can revisit what you learned in each lesson.
  4. You will share this experience with a community of like-minded people from all over the world.

I’ve never taken an online class before. How does it work? Do I need to be at my computer at a certain time?

You will have one full year to work through the course material, so you can truly work at your own pace — in any timezone!  You will receive all the course material when you sign up.  You will be invited to join live monthly Spreecast calls, and you will also have access to these calls as recorded links.

Will I be able to communicate with others during the course?

Yes, you will have access to a Private Global Facebook Community where you can connect with others and share images of your paintings. This space is open to all past and present students and will remain open indefinitely for all Bloom True E-course students. This community provides a wonderful and inspiring place to connect and share your Bloom True experience!

What materials will I need?

Please see the Materials Page for more information on the materials you will need for the class. Please note materials are not included in the cost of the course. If you find the canvases and paint expensive, there are many other options you could try including heavy watercolor paper (something like a 300 lb. paper will work great), panels (such as pieces of masonite from the hardware store), over old paintings at thrift stores, or old doors. Paints come in many different brands, sizes and prices. Please buy paint according to your budget. While I prefer Golden Brand paint now, I used to paint with house paint from the hardware store, and it worked just fine!

How much physical space will I need?

I encouraged you to paint as big as you can – ideally on canvasses at least 24″ x 24″. You will need enough space to paint on the canvas and step away from time to time. The actual space itself can be anywhere – in your kitchen, garden, garage, or even in the park. Just remember, this can be a messy process, so you’ll want to protect your walls and floors with drop clothes or plastic sheets.

Do I need a high speed internet connection to view the course videos?

Yep! All the videos are shot in HD and are high quality so you will need a fairly high speed internet connection to view them. The videos are a vital part of the content of this course so please do consider this. We are not able to provide alternative viewing options for people on dial-up or very slow connections (and we cannot give refunds if you are having issues viewing the videos due to your internet connection) so please bear this in mind when registering. If you have regular broadband, you should be fine.

How much is it and how do I register?

The course is available for $297 USD. This includes access to an online classroom hosting more than 30 videos professionally shot in HD, a series of creative prompts and challenges, basic yoga instruction, downloadable audio painting prompts, five in-depth audio interviews, live monthly calls, recorded weekly Q+ A conversations in my studio, access to a community of like minded people from across the world, plus one year extended access to the classroom.

Register for the course by clicking on the sales button above.

How do I access the course material?

To access the course, please log into the Bloom True Classroom by entering the username and password generated when you purchased the course into the Log In Area at the top of my website. Once you are logged in, you can access the course at anytime by clicking your name at the top of the site. If you would like to change your password at any time, please visit:

All of the course material (over thirty individual lessons) will be available to view online starting on October 20th. You will have one full year to work through the course material, honoring your own unique rhythm and lifestyle— plenty of time to form a solid painting addiction!

Can I give this to a friend as a gift?

Gift Certificates are coming soon! Please email for more info.

What is your refund policy?

If the course does not meet your expectations, we are happy to give you a full refund within one week of your purchase. After that, there are no refunds or extensions for this course.