This course is not just for artists but any creative person, especially if your work/life has been stifling that part of you. This course will reintroduce you to that creative child within and allow him or her to come out and play in a safe, non-judgmental space.

Dr. Kathy Kitts

Creative Revolution has helped heal some very old art wounds, I feel braver and excited to keep practicing.

Christine Taylor

The Creative Revolution E-Course was just what I needed. I was reminded to show up every day for myself and for my creative practice. Flora is such a generous teacher, she guides her students gently towards being authentic. The philosophy of the course enabled me to come into the present, value self nurturing, play, and research. I feel like I have a process now and my whole attitude towards art making and creativity has changed.

Julia Stirling

Flora is one of the best online teachers I’ve experienced. Her classes are always fun, clear and leave you with that feeling of just wanting to get in and try it all.


Flora’s latest course shows you a beautiful way to set up a creative habit for your whole life. From my favorite Morning and Evening sanctuaries, fun movement exercises, fabulous music, and simple creative exercises to assist you with your creative journey which are easy to do daily. The course is easy to follow each week and the video content is exceptional.

Lisa C.

The Creative Revolution E-Course was the empowering catalyst I needed to connect more deeply with my creative expression. I found liberation in the fact that at no point we were asked to create a final piece, it was seven weeks of pure exploration and I loved how detached I became from the finished results and surrendered into the journey. The connection to Flora was such an honest insight into the daily experiences of being an artist. A priceless element to the course. I highly recommend this for all those wanting to play, explore and create for the sheer love of it.


Thank you Flora for sharing such an inspiring collection of thoughts, exercises and creative practices. I not only feel inspired creatively but mindful of my environment. Truly loved this course.

Katrina Holden

Throughout the course, Flora acts as a gentle guide towards (re)igniting our own creative fire. I felt part of a big tribe and enjoyed the support and creative spirit in the Facebook group. The videos including the students’ interpretation of the creative exercises and their feedback was a great way to help approach the exercise and help build confidence before trying them myself.


With this E-Course Flora showed me how to incorporate creativity into my daily life with small acts of imaginative exploration, sparks of inspiration, mindfulness, loosening up, discovering new shapes, finding flow, and playfulness. She helped me to access my intuition, trust my creativity and have fun. Now I am stepping more consciously into my everyday life just by simple shifts. My days are now more meaningful, I see beauty and I hear birds singing. Flora made me feel alive and see world through fresh eyes. I found treasure in me and in the world around me. I am forever grateful for this amazing experience. Thank you. The creative adventure has only just begun.

Alenka P.

The Creative Revolution course was so beautiful and inspiring. Not only were the creative exercises awesome and so much fun, all of the extras were amazing. Much more than I expected. The videos, art, and music are so well done. I am looking forward to getting more time to spend going over the course and trying new things. Thank you Flora!