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Thank you for your interest in The Painting Sessions Monthly Membership!

The membership subscription is now closed. However, if you are interested in tapping into a vast well of painting inspiration that will compliment your own painting practice at home, please check out the twelve individual Painting Sessions found in the Library of Sessions.

Each Painting Session shows the creation of a large painting (or paintings) from start-to-finish with voice-over tutorial, and each Session focuses on a different aspect of the process.

Each Individual Session is available for $24, including lifetime access, so you can access this well of inspiration whenever you need it.

Want to watch them all? A Year of Painting Sessions offers lifetime access to all of the individual Painting Sessions for just $20 a Session.



  • Real-time painting sessions from start-to-finish with a voice-over.
  • A painting playlist to inspire your own painting sessions at home.
  • Access to a private Facebook community of creatives from around the world.
  • Bonus goodies (I am constantly dreaming up new things to share with you)

I believe we were all born with infinite wells of creative potential just waiting to be tapped and remembered. It is my pleasure and honor to guide you back home to this place of mystery, magic, and possibility.

Watch a painting come to life!

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