The theme of this Diary is Collaboration – one of my favorite topics!

Videos and Audio Tracks include:

▪ Creative Exercise Part One: Painting Collaboration with Flora + Jennifer Mercede
▪ Creative Exercise Part Two: Mixed Media Collaboration with Flora + Lynzee Lynx
▪ Mixed Media Collaboration with Flora + Lynzee Lynx (High Speed Version)
▪ Painting Session + Live Music with Flora + Cristina Orbe
Couch Chat with Cristina Orbe
▪ Bonus Couch Chat with Mati Rose
▪ Partner Yoga with Flora + Jonathan
▪ Diving Deeper Podcast: Q + A with Flora

Written content includes:
▪ Creating a Strong Foundation for Collaboration
▪ Ways to Create Collaboratively
▪ We vs. Me: Collaborating in Life
▪ Resources for Collaboration
▪ Herakut: Featured Collaborators
▪ Spotify Playlist: Collaboration


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