Studio Diary Testimonials

Kind words from my community.

I just watched the live painting for November….and I am just so inspired. Hearing Flora talk about her process is invaluable!!

I am in love with Studio Diaries!!!

Thank you!


Bree Brouillet

After watching the first video in this month’s Letting Go series (the 90-degree exercise – how those paintings took shape! OMG!) I just continue to feel blown away at the value of getting to actually watch Flora paint. And to hear, in her own unscripted words, so many pearls of wisdom about the intuitive process. It’s a powerful testimony to the genuine content of the Diaries that without ever having met Flora or even spoken to her, I feel completely understood and supported in this new journey I’m taking into my own uncharted creative process. I feel like I know beyond any doubt that someone else understands and relates to the struggles and the freedoms of learning to trust what is already inside. The content of the Diaries is so rich that I feel as guided as if Flora were in my studio with me, leading me through private lessons. How cool is that?! I live all the way across the country! That kind of connectivity can only come to students through a teacher who truly lives and practices what she instructs. The world – and especially women, I think – need this connectivity so very, very much.

Tracy James

The videos of Flora painting are mesmerizing and really inspire you to try out new things. But it’s also the other good stuff, like reminding you to move and eat well that makes this such a rounded offering. As a regular traveller, I enjoyed watching Flora’s friend Lynx talking about travel pouches and the art materials she likes to take with her when space is a premium. [In December’s Diary]

The Diaries are far from bite-sized, so much thought goes into the production. Doing the monthly option makes this an affordable treat that I consider to be an investment in self. I strongly urge anyone to give it a go – well worth it!

Mary Price

Studio Diaries has been the boost of creative inspiration I’ve been in need of. I get really excited right before the release of each one…it feels like opening a bundle of gifts! There is so much to be gained by simply watching Flora paint (that’s my favorite part!). And second to that, I love all the other creative and conscious souls she introduces to us to through her couch chat segment. It’s so inspiring to see others living their creative path in a way that is unique to each of them.

I love that the community is small enough to get familiar with everyone. Its almost a guarantee that you will get your questions answered during the Q&A which is amazing. The support and intimacy of the group really creates a welcoming space to share and to be inspired by others. Speaking as someone who tends to be the fly on the wall in groups (virtual or otherwise) I feel very comfortable sharing here and that feels really great.

Devon Walz

Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the Studio Diaries subscription and all of its rich content. I look forward to it arriving each month. I can’t imagine all the work and prep that goes into it. Flora and her guests are just awesome, and I have enjoyed all the knowledge, tips and talents, caring and encouragement they share. Kudos to Flora and her team for this great experience.


I am so happy to be doing the Studio Diaries! It has absolutely worked to paint intuitively. I painted many layers in my December small painting and Flora’s advice through her video kept me free and gave me permission to pay attention to when I thought “what if”…

During the last couple of layers I photographed the piece and saw that the camera turned the gold paint to yellow…..the yellow against the blue worked beautifully, so what if I changed it? I added that layer and it was the answer to what helped spark the painting.

Patricia Deck

The Studio Diaries have been amazing for me ! I went into this course with the expectation of learning how to paint intuitively, not really knowing what that meant. But for the first time in 55 years, I feel like I am getting to know myself! It’s taken me a while, with a long way to go, but I am realizing I am important! A lot of emotions bubbling to the surface that I haven’t wanted to deal with. I thank you and all the Bloom True tribe members for the support and encouragement!

Sandy Wright

I love the very generous offerings Flora has provided each month. I am thrilled I gifted a year of Studio Diaries to myself – money well spent! The Diaries keep me inspired creatively, mentally, and physically and provide a sense of artistic community for me. Very happy, thank you, Flora!

Madelyn Montjoy

Everything about the Studio Diaries is fabulous! So much love in one place! 🙂

Fiona Lowe

Each Studio Diary month has a rich variety of offerings. I’ve been matching my viewing of the segments to my needs or curiosity of that particular day, savoring the Diaries over the course of weeks each month. (But binge watching could also be enriching & great fun…). Flora is very natural & “real” in all of her conversations; I’m feeling like she’s a partner in my artsy practice.

Carolyn Hanson

I still can’t believe the low cost of this year’s fabulous Studio Diaries. We’re only in month 2 and I feel I have already gotten my money’s worth. The colors, the conversations and the insightful comments by Flora have already changed my art and how I view it. Thank you so much Flora, you’re appreciated.

Peggy McDevitt

I have thoroughly enjoyed Studio Diaries so far, it’s just SO right!
I feel very special to be part of this art community.
The camaraderie and encouragement is infectious as we let go and paint!
Flora and team, your monthly Diaries are so interesting and oozing with talent.
The support group addressing issues has been outstanding, thank you all!
Best time ever, XO

Jennifer Peers

I think that in a fast-paced world, slowing down to enjoy so many facets of a creative life is a perfect way to implement art in the every day. Not only is Flora’s work and teaching so inspiring, her guests and their input round out the creative practice. I look forward to each month, and I also find myself going back to all of the offerings again and again.

Kathleen Braasch

I love everything about the Studio Diaries! There is so much that enriches my life every month. I feel like I am receiving a special gift that was meant just for me, just when I needed it! I can’t wait for each month to arrive!

Teressa Sliger

I love, love, love the Studio Diaries. Once a month is just the right amount of time, and the Diaries are filled with so much inspiration. I am learning so much and loving it. Thank you.

Dawn Gettig

I absolutely love the Studio Diaries. Sometimes online classes can feel stressful “trying to keep up.” This offering is absolutely perfect for me and my life right now. There’s instruction, there are interviews, there’s reading or just beautiful photos to look at if that’s all you can take in that day. I find myself visiting Studio Dairies at least daily and have watched the painting videos many times over. Simply perfect!

Roxy Johnson

The Studio Diaries are such a gift. Each one has a wealth of information, and it’s so enjoyable to watch Flora paint – she’s very accessible and endearing. I’m always inspired after tuning into a Diary! It also has made my practice much more regular than its been in years. I’m very grateful for Flora’s creation, and that she made it so affordable! Thank you, Flora Bowley!!!!!


Nicole Reddington

Flora Bowley’s inspiring message to always find the joy in our practice – to even call our creative endeavors a “practice” – has helped me cut through so many barriers. It all starts and ends with the process, the expression of my inner self manifest on the canvas. I feel so alive, so expressive and so in alignment with my inner self while painting, since taking Flora’s E-Course. Studio Diaries is a delicious monthly offering that keeps me riding that wave. I do feel brave, thanks to Flora!

Renee Iverson

I am loving the November Diary! Of course, to just listen to and watch Flora paint is pure joy! And a whole year of her!!!!! Thank you!


Elsie Hickey-Wilson