Gathering like-hearted creatives from across the globe

The first time I taught a Bloom True class, I noticed the insta-tribe that sprung up between the students.

Whether it’s through an online course or an in-person workshop, the bonds that form between creative seekers is potent — like looking in a mirror — like coming home.

I know how much I depend on my own creative family to feel understood, accountable and inspired, so I’ve always considered the community aspect to be one of the most potent and important parts of the Bloom True experience.

I believe that a creative community is a crucial part to creative well-being, and this is why I’ve created this page.

On a daily basis, I hear stories about newly discovered creative freedom, as well as massive and subtle life shifts off the canvas.

There are amazing tales of first-time exhibitions, paintings sold and heartwarming trips around the world (or down the block) to meet fellow Bloomers.

It’s incredible to realize that an entire worldwide community has emerged — bloomed — around this approach to painting and living.

As you can imagine, this makes my heart very happy.

What warms my heart even more is nurturing more connections between like-hearted creatives — by sharing your wonderful stories, and fostering a real-life gathering.

I am creating a database to further connect TRIBE members and make it really easy to find out who lives nearby.

I am also dreaming and scheming about an annual “Gathering of the TRIBE” here in Portland, Oregon. Stay tuned for more info.

In the meantime, I have been gathering and sharing your Tribe stories on this page, through social media, and in my newsletter.

I deeply believe that sharing your personal stories is one of the most powerful ways to inspire and connect to others, so please keep your stories coming, and I’ll keep sharing them.



To share your Bloom True story, please send your information to us via email at: teamlove@florabowley.com. Please include TRIBE in the subject line of your email. We ask that you keep your shares between 1-3 paragraphs, and be sure to include images and links when possible.

If you use Pinterest, we have created a group Pinterest board to share your brave, intuitive, painting experience.

Follow Flora on Pinterest and we will send you an invite to join the group board. We imagine TRIBE will evolve and grow in exciting ways. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your stories soon.

Need some inspiration or an idea of what you could contribute to TRIBE? Here are a few questions to ponder:

  • How has Bloom True has made a difference in your life — on or off the canvas?
  • Has your approach to creativity changed?
  • Has your approach to everyday life changed? 
  • Do you feel braver?
  • Are you more in touch with your intuition? 
  • Have you started showing your art or selling it?
  • Have you had any creative breakthroughs?
  • Have you connected with other Bloomers from around the world? 
  • Have you found your tribe?
  • How has the process inspired you the most?
  • How has your art practice evolved since taking the course? 
  • What have been your biggest “aha!” moments?