Thirty days of prompts to ignite your creative fire





We can all use a little reboot once in a while, and that is exactly why I created Bloom True Boot Camp.

This downloadable, digital PDF is a super, user-friendly tool to support and guide you on your path to creative freedom — and to give you a taste of my brave, intuitive painting philosophy along the way.

I believe we all possess deep wells of creativity just waiting to be explored, and I also believe that unlocking and igniting our creative potential is a powerful way to manifest a more inspired and powerful way of life.

The results of this journey truly have been amazing for people all across the world, and I’m so happy to offer it to you here.

How it Works

Bloom True Boot Camp is now available for a lifetime of unlimited access through a beautiful, user-friendly, downloadable 38-page PDF.

The program includes 30 unique creative prompts, in-depth teaching, audio prompts, music, useful links, creative resources, loving support, access to a private, creative community and enough inspiration to kick-start your creative habit.

Please note that some of the prompts will be studio prompts, while others will apply more to your creative life off the canvas. No specific art materials are required, but having some basic supplies such as markers, pens, water-based paints, pastels and paper will allow you to explore all the prompts in a variety of ways.

You are welcome to work through the prompts as a monthly intensive, or at your own pace. By downloading the program, you will have access to the content for life and will be able to move through the prompts at your own pace, while connecting to a creative community of global Boot Campers at anytime.

Why Boot Camp?

Bloom True Boot Camp is the perfect way to add a bit of focus and discipline to your creative practice. It can kick-start a new creative chapter or prepare you for a session of the Bloom True E-Course.

If you are curious about taking the Bloom True E-Course, Boot Camp is also a great way to get a taste of the Bloom True experience by preparing you to dive even deeper into the course.

For all you veteran Bloomers out there, I hope Bloom True Boot Camp continues to inspire you on your path of free creative expression and personal transformation.

A powerful journey awaits you.

This entire Bloom True Boot Camp has been such an emotional, inspiring and therapeutic process for me. It has opened me up, pushed me, and moved me in so many ways, all while giving me a HUGE sense of peace.
– Mandy Y.