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Five years ago today I met this amazing man with the most sparkly green eyes at a tiny bar in NE Portland. The second I met him, I felt like I’d known him for lifetimes…and now I’m sure I have. After that first date, we never had “the talk” about what we were becoming. We just BECAME it…immediately, fully, unquestioning. Like of course this is happening, of course you’re the person I’ve been looking for…and damn, you’re cute! ☺️ And now, five years later, I can’t imagine..

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Visiting this lil painting I made for @backtoedenbakery. ☺️

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Live Q + A March 2018

Live Q + A! I’m sharing a few exciting announcements today and telling you more about The Creative Revolution E-Course which is now available with Lifetime Access (as of yesterday!). Feel free to leave questions on the comments for me. Thx for being here. More info about The Creative Revolution E-Course: https://florabowley.com/online-learning/creative-revolution-ecourse/ Take a peek inside the course here! https://florabowley.com/peek-inside-creative-revolution-giveaways-galore/

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Gooooood mornin! I’ll be hanging out here LIVE in just one hour (10am PST) to answer your questions and share some exciting news. Hope you can join me! xo flora

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BIG BOOK GIVEAWAY! Today’s an exciting day around here, because I just announced that my Creative Revolution E-Course is now available with Lifetime Access — something many of you have been asking for since I created this course. To celebrate this shift, I’m giving away a signed copy of my Creative Revolution book to the first 50 people who sign up for the course — ahhhyeah Of all my online courses, I have to say Creative Revolution is my favorite. It was inspired by my own creative blocks..

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Hi Friends. I want to let you know that I’ll be here tomorrow, March 15th at 10am PST for a live Q + A. I’ve got some exciting things to share with you, and I’m always happy to answer your questions. Hope you can join me! xo flora

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So this is kinda fun.The wine label I created for @eufloriawines a couple years ago is now being used on cans too. Who knew wine even came in cans?! 🤔

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Hey ya’ll. It was super fun to read your enthusiastic comments about my teacher training yesterday. Thx for all your support! I’m currently collapsing into bed after a beautiful and full first day of Soul Restoration training with Melody. I’m feeling super inspired and also so proud of my friend for sharing such meaningful work in the world. I love seeing my people shine! It’s also occurring to me that this is a purrrrfect week for me to take a little social media break, so I’m signing..

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I’m off on an adventure to Boise, ID to take part in a Soul Restoration teacher training with Melody Ross. I’m going on this trip for three reasons. 1. To hang with my dear friend, Melody, on her home turf. 2. To experience all the magic of this training. 3. And to take the first steps toward creating my very own Brave Intuitive Painting teacher training! Melody has graciously offered to mentor me as I develop this exciting new part of my business, and I’m so grateful I’ve had requests for..

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Someone asked me how to break through creative blocks on my live Q + A yesterday. Good question, right? Of course, there’s really not one answer to that question (so many factors!), but my short answers were MIX IT UP, followed by JUST START PAINTING. So what does that mean? 🤔 Try experimenting with a new medium, surface, tool, image, approach, or size (like I did with this little ditty yesterday). Stand up if you’re used to sitting down. Get on the ground, play different music, or create..

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March Live Q + A

Live Q + A! Ask me anything Here are a few links I mentioned for quick access: Newsletter Sign Up: (this is where I announce workshops) https://florabowley.com/news-art-love/ Painting Sessions: https://florabowley.com/online-learning/the-painting-sessions/ Studio Diaries: https://florabowley.com/online-learning/studio-diaries/ Bloom True: https://florabowley.com/online-learning/ecourse/ Creative Revolution: https://florabowley.com/online-learning/creative-revolution-ecourse/ Favorite Shoe Brand!..

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Hey friends. I’ll be hanging out right here one hour from now at 3pm PST for a little Live Q + A. Ask me anything! I love chatting art, biz, life, and I also really enjoy connecting with ya’ll. Come on over and say hello. Hope to see ya!

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JOIN ME HERE THIS THURSDAY at 3pm PST for a live Q + A! If you have a question about painting, creative blocks, creative biz, or just want to hear a bit more about my creative process and offerings, I’m happy to connect and share with you here live on March 1st (can you believe it’s already almost March?!). If you miss the live version, no worries — you’ll be able to check out the recorded version later on right here on this page. If you have a question you want me to answer, please leave it in..

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… in the end, she became more than what she expected. she became the journey, and like all journeys, she did not end, she just simply changed directions and kept on going … @rmdrk

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〰️ I see you in my dreamtime 〰️

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Hey hey clean studio! Just spent allll morning spiffing, and I’m happy to say, it’s finally time to smoosh some paint around. ⚡️‍⚡️ #happysaturday

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A little slice of a big ol painting in progress, but how bout that color palette. 🤟 #yummmm #feelinit #wip

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I just posted a blog about the many blessings I received during my adventurous van trip and amazing voice retreat with Ayla Nereo in Hawaii, including one simple sentence that dissolved my fear of singing! You can check it out right here: https://florabowley.com/5-words-dissolved-fear-blessing-hawaii/ xo flora

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When your studio and paintings look exactly like you left them, but YoU feel all kinds of different inside after two weeks away. 🤔 I love the perspective that traveling gives me.

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Hey friends It’s a grey Saturday morning, and I’m cozied up in my bedroom dreaming up a new vibe for my website (this is my view of my studio from here). I want to take a minute to thank you for all your incredible feedback yesterday. Wow, ask and you shall receive! I feel so humbled by all your reflections about my work and how I show up in the world. Sometimes I feel so close to it all, I can’t even see it anymore, ya know? Kinda like when I’ve been working on a painting for too long, and..

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